2 largest scandal in boxing history

Although the current glove is no longer an easy thing in the world of Boxing, but in the past, Boxing world has ever lost two cases of gloved gloves causing serious consequences.

Scandal remove the cushion, padded plaster plaster

In 1983, a gloomy scandal shook the Boxing world. This scandal has claimed a martial artist’s life. On June 16, 1983, Luis Resto was on the same stage as Billy Collins in New York City. Just a few minutes after the game, Luis Resto rose to take the initiative. He dominated the game for 10 rounds and won by a consensus score. 

Panama-based boxer Luis Resto has secretly removed two layers of gloves and padded plaster into it. As a result, he entered the battle with fists hard as rocks. Resto’s cheating behavior was later uncovered and the match went into a no contest. Resto was hunted for assault with dangerous weapons.

On Billy Collins’ side, this puncher suffered terrible injuries after the attacks of Luis Resto. Since the horrific punch, doctors have diagnosed that the concussion caused Collins severe depression, poor martial artist change of temper that led to broken family. 9 months after the gruesome match, Collins’s body was seen on the road after a car accident. Many experts believe it was a suicide rather than a mere accident.

24 years after the game, guilt also haunted Resto during that time, he went to his deceased opponent’s wife to apologize. Mrs. Collins accepted, ending the tormented years of Luis Resto.

Margarito, sophisticated fraud

In 2009, Antonio Margarito was one of the most famous boxers in the Welterweight category with an impressive record of 37-5 and at the same time won 3 WBA, IBF and WBO championship belts. With Margarito’s illustrious reputation, Boxing fans expect that his match with Shane Mosley on January 24, 2009 will be a memorable showdown.

The fight with Mosley, though, shocked the boxing village in an unpredictable way. The shock did not come from Margarito’s failure in the 9th half but Mosley found out that Margarito cheated on the ring. 

Mosley coach Naazim Richardson discovered a white compound in Margarito’s glove. The compound was quickly recognized by the California state sports commission as plaster. Margarito was crafty when using this compound because the plaster’s properties would harden like bricks when exposed to water. Margarito attempted to hold the match long enough until his hands were wet with sweat to turn his fists into deadly weapons.

Since being exposed, the star of Boxing Mexico has also been in sharp decline. However, no one knows when Margarito has been using this fraud and how many boxers have ruined their careers for Margarito.