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How did Israel Adesanya respond to the title “Fighter of the Year 2020”?

The Nigerian champion had a great year overcoming the competition, preserving his unbeaten record and the title of martial artist of the year.

Recently, the prestigious magazine Fighters Only has announced the list of the most prominent faces of 2020 in the World MMA Awards series. Most notably, the title “Fighter Of The Year” went to the UFC midsize champion – “The Last Stylebender” Israel Adesanya.

With a total voting time from January 2019 to July 2020, Israel Adesanya overcame many other competitors to become the best name of the MMA village in the world.

To achieve this position, Israel Adesanya overcame the names Anderson Silva, Kelvin Gastelum, to the championship by defeating Robert Whittaker knockout in 2019.

By 2020, Izzy (his intimate name) continues to surpass Yoel Romero and defeat Paulo Costa – maintaining a record of 20 unbeaten matches on the MMA floor.

From style, entertainment ability to attraction to the audience, Adesanya excellently performed beyond the expectations of many spectators. Except for a somewhat unattractive match against Yoel Romero at UFC 248, all 4 remaining performances received positive reviews.

“He did it again, as I predicted a year ago.” – Israel Adesanya praised herself when she heard the award.

Although there are doubts about the potential, the previous defeats (on the Kickboxing floor), the ability to maintain the unbeaten circuit or this is the promotion to challenge the heavyweight belt holder Jan Blachowicz, Israel Adesanya always set the item Target forward to prove yourself the best.

“I’ve lost in the past, but that doesn’t change me as a great martial artist. Every time I lose, I reappear and take down someone.” – Adesanya talks about his point of view. “Being unbeaten is just a title people try to keep like any other title, and I know being beatable.”

“But when I walk under the high-pressure light, in a large stage where the pressure is full of me but still with a sense of comfort, I don’t lose easily. I will continue this journey as I do slowly. Until now. Just follow me”.

It is expected that in March, Israel Adesanya will take the stage with heavyweight champion Jan Blachowicz, the match is likely to lead the UFC 259 event.

With the ambition of being the next boxer to win 2 weight classes at the same time, Adesanya even aims to move to heavyweight competition, defeat Jon Jones or become the first person to win 3 weight classes in the UFC.

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Geoff Neal vs Stephen Thompson: Is “Wonderboy” the new gatekeeper?

UFC Fight Night, leading the event with the match between Stephen Thompson and Geoff Neal, promises to bring dramatic moments to the audience.

Stephen Thompson, although never won the championship, but he is one of the ‘hard to chew’ guys in this weight category with 2 championship challenges.

Possessing a record of 15 wins, 4 losses – 1 draw (only 1 defeat by knock-out) for the MMA career, 58 unbeaten matches for Kickboxing, Thompson shows his superior standing ability compared to martial arts other staff at UFC.

The above success is due to one skill: footwork (move). In MMA, standing still and holding your hands up to face high would be a bad choice when the gloves are small and you could be dropped on the floor at any time. Thompson has chosen a low-hand attack, flexible movement combined with precision strike.

With the ability to move, Thompson easily scored and escaped the pressure from powerful punches. Even a talented boxer like Jorge Masvidal admitted he had a hard time dealing with that ‘magic’ footwork.

However, a way to take down Thompson was not impossible. Through two skirmishes with Tyron Woodly, ‘Wonderboy’ struggled with the right hook. As for the match with Pettis, all of Thompson’s previous advantage was also terminated by a sudden heavy punch that popped out of the cage.

Coming from Dana White’s talent search program, Geoff Neal has had 6 consecutive victories, with 4 KO / TKO since UFC’s launch in 2017.

The last 2 wins were both TKO wins in the first half, against Mike Perry and Niko Price. Fast-paced and ready to attack, he is considered a worthy opponent for Stephen Thompson.

Since the surprise knockout against Anthony Pettis, Stephen Thompson’s stamina has begun to be questioned.

After many times falling into the situation of a thousand pounds hanging hair in front of Tyron Woodley, Darren Till, the audience also learned that “Wonderboy” can be completely knocked out like another punching glove of the same weight class.

In particular, when Thompson’s body does not have too many advantages compared to Geoff Neal, the “Handz of Steel” fast-paced attack style is said to have the ability to create surprises.

After the fluctuations of Welterweight lately, Stephen Thompson is sitting between the top group and emerging punchers. He does not have many chances to dispute the championship, but it is not an easy stone paving the way for young punches.

Therefore, the match with Geoff Neal at UFC Fight Night 183 is an important battle to determine the true position of Stephen Thompson in the near future, otherwise, he will be associated with the gatekeeper as many player of the same weight class.

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Spectacular Knockout defending the belt, Nong-O Gaiyanghadao challenged Giorgio Petrosyan

After a completely overwhelming victory over Rodlek juniors, legendary Muay Thai Nong-O Gaiyanghadao named Giorgio Petrosyan for a historic match.

As the first title match after the opening four matches of ONE Collision Course, Thai legend Nong-O Gaiyanghadao confronted fellow countryman Rodlek PK. Saenchaigym with the goal of preserving the ONE Bantamweight Muay Thai Championship.

Approaching young opponents, with less experience with the forte Muay rule, Nong-O still cautiously approaches the opponent with familiar moves in the first half, enough to gain an advantage in scores.

Nong-O Gaiyanghadao entered the defense of the Muay Thai belt against Rodlek.

In the second half, Nong-O actively played backwards, he gave Rodlek the opportunity to actively attack, gradually revealing the way to attack and open holes.

Realizing that the opponent has a knack for counter-attack and simple defense against punching combinations, Nong-O Gaiyanghadao exploits more of his previous attacks and punches straight left and right.

In the third half, Nong-O’s attacks showed an advantage when he repelled Rodlek. After a situation of pause in the middle of the match, Nong-O’s two straight blows hit Rodlek’s chin, causing the boxer born in 1990 to collapse into the ring.

Unable to get up after 10 hours of counting, Rodlek PK Saenchai proclaimed defeat, Nong-O Gaiyanghadao preserved the winning streak at the ONE Championship and the championship.

Most surprisingly, right after the match, Nong-O Gaiyanghadao beside his family, audience and teammates, he expressed his desire to have a match for a lifetime – challenging the legendary Kickboxing Giorgio Petrosyan.

“I am 34 years old, so I want a best game, with the best opponent, so, Petrosyan, I will meet you soon.” – Nong-O replied after the match.

It can be said that this is a huge challenge that Nong-O poses for himself. Because not only is the champion 2 pounds more than him, Giorgio Petrosyan is also a legendary Kickboxing – the formula that is a bit contrary to the forte of Thai gloves.

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Joshua punched in a row, knocking out the knockout to keep four belts

 Anthony Joshua has successfully defended four world heavyweight championships after the match against Kubrat Pulev.

Anthony Joshua and Kubrat Pulev roam at the SSE Arena in London, England in a match that should have been played since 2017. Various reasons have delayed the game until now. , and Joshua was required to defend the four heavyweight championships of WBA, IBF, WBO and IBO against a Bulgarian opponent. Pulev has won 28 games (14 knockouts) and lost only once in his career.

Entering this match, both punchers spent the first half to probe the opponent and lure the other side to make a mistake, causing the match to not have many significant phases except Pulev’s not strong left hook. However, Joshua from the second half attacked with a clear intention, using jabs at high speed as well as moving continuously to make Pulev slip more.

The third half saw the first turning point of the match when Joshua was hit by a very strong right hand punch that caused Pulev to fall to the floor, and after he got up, the Bulgarian punched the Bulgarians to take some more of Joshua’s punches and fell again. But in the end still managed to reach the end of the round. That development caused Pulev to play cautiously in the fourth half, devoted mainly to avoiding Joshua’s jab.

In the 5th half there was no difference when Joshua continued to dominate, a punch on his right hand made Pulev staggered but not enough to knock out. But now Pulev started to have very dangerous right hand punches, expressing his intention to knock Joshua down instead of prolonging the match. Joshua got one such punch in the 7th half right after Pulev blocked Joshua’s hook.

But Joshua just waited for the opportunity for Pulev to reveal more loopholes in the defense stage. By the ninth half, a precise jab by Joshua forced Pulev to take a prop, and the British puncher followed up with four consecutive hooks before launching a right hand punch that made Pulev finally hit the floor and couldn’t stand up.

Joshua won the 22nd knockout of his career to lift his record to 24 wins – 1 loss and went on to hold 4 world boxing championships. After defeating Pulev, the door opened for Joshua for a much-awaited match-up with Tyson Fury, who holds the WBC heavyweight championship title.


The world’s No. 1 female Boxer Claressa Sheilds officially joined the MMA world

The appearance of a super quality glove like Claressa Sheilds will help the women’s MMA village more vibrant.

Recently, the MMA Professional Fighters League (PFL) announced the signature of the middle-class female boxer No. 1 Clarresa Sheilds, bringing the American fist to her under her command.

Claressa Sheilds (10-0 Boxing) currently holds 2 WBC and WBO championship titles below the middle, in 2019, she also completed the goal of unifying 4 prestigious championship belts while still playing in the middle class.

When she was an amateur, Claressa Sheilds achieved 77 wins – 1 loss with 2 Olympic gold medals in 2012 and 2016.

According to PFL information, Claressa Sheilds will make her tournament debut in 2021, however, the Sheilds will not immediately enter the championship qualifiers, but only start with a few warm-ups. This ensures that she can maintain parallel activities on the Boxing floor.

Compared with the world’s leading female boxers that still compete like Katie Taylor, Jessica McCaskill, Claressa Sheilds has the advantage of youth and has achieved all achievements on the 4-corner radio. This is a favorable premise for her to move towards new achievements on the MMA.

“Of course, I still need to learn playing skills on the floor, but I am only 24 years old and used to be an Olympic champion, I believe I can learn more” – Sheilds shared at the UFC 245 event in 2019. “I have shown how fast my hands are with 10oz gloves, if they give me 4oz gloves, they will have to call me Muhammad Ali.”

The presence of Claressa Sheilds makes the MMA world more interesting when currently, the MMA village is lacking big and attractive names.

In addition to champions in the UFC such as Amanda Nunes, Valentina Shevchenko or Weili Zhang, the female MMA world has only a few excellent names playing Cris Cybord and Kayla Harrison – 2 Judo Olympic gold medals are currently joining the Invicta FC.

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Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr: Who is richer before the battle?

Let’s look at the property of two heavy boxing village monuments before the end of the match on November 29.

The return of Mike Tyson in the match against Roy Jones Jr this weekend, essentially does not bring many elements of expertise because of the limited competition rules. The audience simply wants to see what two monuments of the world boxing village will look like when they confront each other on the ring.

With Mike Tyson, it’s been nearly 30 years since the American boxer shook the boxing world with his quick knockout victories.

During his heyday, Mike Tyson raked in about $ 430 million in compensation for all of his matches, making him one of the most expensive boxers in the world. In particular, the confrontation with Lennox Lewis in 2000 was the biggest revenue match when Mike brought in nearly $ 150 million.

If calculated by the rate of inflation, Mike’s total tournament compensation is about $ 700 million at the present time (the figure is estimated by Celebritynetworth). This number is still not easy to achieve, whether it is the current top stars such as Canelo Alvarez, Tyson Fury or Anthony Joshua.

However, after the bankruptcy shock of the early 2000s and the financial revival of recent years, Mike Tyson’s net worth was estimated at only $ 3 million. The former American boxer has a company that produces and sells cannabis-related products with a revenue of about 500 thousand dollars per month.

Mike’s is currently busy with his own company.

It was with Mike Tyson – one of the biggest monuments in the boxing world, and what about his rival Roy Jones Jr?

Not as famous as Mike Tyson, but Roy Jones Jr is also considered one of the most successful punchers in the world with the title of world champion in 4 different weight categories.

In addition to boxing competition, Roy Jones Jr is also known for his music projects and owns a company promoting his own martial arts – Roy Jones Jr Promotions. The business activities help the 51-year-old boxer keep a net worth of about 5 million dollars to date.

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Accepting 25kg of young talent, MMA Nick Maximov still kills strong opponents for 3 innings

The bravery of young martial artist Nick Maximov received a lot of praise from UFC President Dana White.

This morning, November 18, a series of martial arts selection events for UFC – Dana White Contender Series (DWCS) officially ended the fourth season with 5 matches.

In particular, the most special confrontation is probably the heavy battle between the 1997 American born puncher, Nick Maximov and the experienced puncher Oscar Costa.

Entering the heavyweight match, Nick Maximov just went on the radio with a weight of 209lbs (94kg), which is close to the lowest level in this weight class (206lbs). In contrast, Oscar Costa weighed in at 263lbs (119kg), nearly hitting the ceiling with 265lbs of the heavyweight.

Handicap opponents to 25kg, this is probably the most difference in a modern UFC match (since the weight classification law came into existence in 2000).

However, that did not make Maximov falter against Costa, he continuously used the attacks and took advantage of the above to attack during 3 rounds.

Young boxers are not tired of the 25kg distance that uses wrestling owls. Oscar Costa’s massive weight and grumpy body were now a burden to him. Meanwhile, Maximov with the ability to control the arena easily throws the rice at the opponent.

Outstanding winning on all 3 assessment scores (30-26, 30-26, 29-28), Nick Maximov maintained a 6-match winning streak on the professional MMA floor, becoming the name of Dana White President attention.

The overwhelming victory helped Nick Maximov recorded a 6-match winning streak. Unfortunately, the efforts of Nick Maximov have not been able to help the young man get an official contract to play for the UFC. In return, Dana White announced he will get a spot in 2021 selection season – The Ultimate Fighter when the show returns.

In addition to Nick Maximov, the remaining 4 boxers who won at DWCS 36, JP Buys, Gloria de Paula, Tucker Lutz and Victoria Leonardo all won tickets to UFC, closing a successful DWCS season.


Tyson Fury revealed the ridiculous amount of money offered by Mike Tyson

Heavyweight WBC champion Tyson Fury revealed why the match between him and the American legend could not be played, even if it was just a performance.

Since the announcement of his re-export to the ring, even with an exhibition bout, Mike Tyson has made the martial arts village curious about his upcoming opponent. From former rival Evander Holyfield to MMA Wanderlei Silva’s “Ax Hammer Assassin”, all are mentioned.

Among them, heavyweight champion WBC Tyson Fury is one of the most prominent names. As an English boxer, owner of the most prestigious boxing ring, Fury is a better choice for Mike Tyson’s return on the ring.

However, this idea was soon suppressed when Tyson Fury revealed he was only receiving ridiculous offers for the match. When the bonus ratio between the two sides is extremely large.

“When Mike Tyson’s men contacted me, he and I had a talk on the phone. It’s true, it’s just impossible to come to an agreement. ” – Tyson Fury confirmed.

“They offered some money to Mike, and came back to offer me a tiny amount. While Mike said to me as if he got 500 million dollars, the numbers on paper are like a joke”. In the end, nothing came out. I was offered $ 10 million by ESPN for a performance match, but that’s all and everyone goes home”.

Besides, Tyson Fury also said that money is not the only reason he refused to take the call with Mike Tyson. What Fury is afraid of is that being able to be “knocked” by an old boxer like Mike will greatly affect the image of a champion still in position.

However, based on information from Tyson Fury, it can be seen that Mike Tyson’s return is in progress. The audience may soon see the scariest punch in heavy history back in the ring in the near future.

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Coach Canelo Alvarez targets defending WBC champion Jermall Charlo

After the recent achievements, the brother of Charlo’s twins – Jermall Charlo was finally noticed by Canelo Alvarez’s team.

Currently, when the name of medium-sized boxing superstar Canelo Alvarez is caught in a lawsuit with the management company Golden Boy Promotions and TV channel DAZN, his team also has a headache in finding a worthy opponent.

“Worthy” here is not only in terms of popularity but also the qualifications, in particular, it must be a star that the US market is ready to welcome. Because, even a champion like Sergey Kovalev – Russian puncher could not make DAZN satisfied.

And in response to this plan, Canelo coach Eddie Reynoso is aiming for an emerging name – Jermall Charlo, WBC mid-range champion.

In fact, Jermall Charlo has stood at the WBC throne since 2018 and repeatedly called the name Canelo Alvarez. At the time, however, Canelo was still pursuing a confrontation with Gennady Golovkin and new signings, with no regard for a new name like Charlo.

But that was the past, when now Jermall Charlo has gradually asserted his position with 31 wins (22 knockouts) after his first Pay-per-views event in September.

Jermall has excellently overcame veteran puncher Sergiy Derevyanchenko – who once made Gennady Golovkin difficult to overcome 12 matches. With this victory, his brother Charlo proved himself not a boxer as before.

“Charlo has started to get bigger than before, he’s gradually improving.” Commented Eddie Reynoso. “It may be an important game, but it should be next year.”

This time when Canelo was busy with a lawsuit, it was difficult for the Mexican boxer to get back to the middle class immediately – where he had played in over a year. Therefore, in order for Canelo to fully focus on the match, Eddie Reynoso believes that 2021 is the most appropriate time.

“I don’t think we can get Canelo back to 160lbs after a year of not playing right away, there are a lot of factors at play right now.” – The Mexican coach confirmed.

Eddie Reynoso said Canelo Alvarez in addition to handling his lawsuit, is still maintaining training at the club every day to be ready to return to the past whenever possible. The biggest condition for Canelo to return, is a worthy, valuable opponent and an event full of audience – which Jermall Charlo can satisfy.

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Anderson Silva confirmed his retirement after the match with Uriah Hall

One of the greatest names in the MMA village in the world has decided on the end of his playing career.

Since his injury against Jared Cannonier at UFC 237, not much has been heard from the legendary Anderson Silva.

Sadly, when Dana White announced Anderson Silva’s next ride, the UFC president also said that this would be the Brazilian legend’s last match. Recently, the “Spider” also confirmed the arrival of October 31 (US time) at UFC on ESPN + 39 as its farewell.

“That was the last match.” Silva spoke of the upcoming confrontation with Uriah Hall. “For sure, I love this sport and have prepared myself mentally for it. I am ready for the match all my life and now is the time for the last one. ”

Anderson Silva confirmed the match against Uriah Hall was the final match.

So far, Anderson Silva has spent 23 years in a professional MMA competition since his first broadcast in 1997 at BFC 1. During this time, “Spider” has played a total of 45 matches (34 wins, 10 losses, 1 no result).

He participated in the most prestigious auction floors of generations of MMA fighters such as Shooto, PRIDE and UFC – which put Silva’s name on the superstar with the title of greatest fighter in the history of midsize.

“Maybe, I’ll miss the practice a lot.” – Silva shared. “Prepare your mind and body for each match. That is probably the most important thing and I will definitely be sad not to maintain it anymore. This will be the last time. ”

The audience will surely remember the stunning performances of “Spider” Silva at his peak.

Since the historic defeat to Chris Weidman at UFC 162, Anderson Silva has entered the ramps of his career with only 2 wins (1 later turned to zero when he was found to be banned).

Facing young martial artists, powerful fighting style, Silva still demonstrates the ultimate technique but no longer has absolute control as before. The most recent evidence is the match with Jared Cannonier, the crash of “Killa Gorilla” caused Silva’s knee injury to recur and had to stop playing for more than a year.