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Why is footwork of boxing and MMA more flowery than footwork kickboxing? (Part 2)

Footwork of Kickboxing and Muay Thai

Although not clearly shown, it would be wrong if you think that Kickboxing and Muay Thai do not have footwork. Only one thing, the use of footwork of Kickboxing and Muay Thai if 100% copied from Boxing will cause users to trouble for one reason only: the kicks to break the tower.

In the early days of Kickboxing, when the rules of the game still did not allow kicks from below the hips, the Kickboxing footwork was as colorful as Boxing. However, since the legendary Muay Kietsongrit crushed Rick Roufus with the turret break, the world has realized the benefits of this technique. Of course, using footwork to dazzle your opponent has become too dangerous since the world knew low kick.

In current Kickboxing and Muay Thai, the footwork is more careful and safer. Footwork is also used to find favorable angles, but usually, Kickboxing – Muay Thai boxers have to preempt their opponents before turning corners.

The main reason, Kickboxing has more legs, a weapon much stronger than the hands. A hit of the kick does more damage than a punch, that’s unquestionable. That is not to mention that if you depend on the footwork, a fighter will quickly lose all their weapons to fight if they meet a good turret breaker.

It can be said that the ornate footwork is not suitable on the Kickboxing ring when kicks and tower breakers appear. However, saying Kickboxing and Muay Thai do not have footwork is completely wrong.

MMA’s footwork

It’s hard to say that MMA is a martial art where even martial artists from the same training house can still have different backgrounds. MMA, in other words, is a competitive mode open to all martial arts to compete. And to survive in the MMA ring, boxers have to upgrade themselves with different martial arts. In it, the most significant difference must be mentioned the ground game (battle field).

However, despite such an open set of rules, MMA fighters have a better chance of performing their footwork because MMA fighters are in a state of guard against takedowns by their opponents. Pure striking elements are relative when grappling is always present in every MMA match. For this reason, even when seeing the opportunity to “break” the opponent, the MMA boxers are also very cautious about whether it is a takedown trap.

Another reason that few people will admit, MMA boxers will never reach the striking level of the Boxer and Kickboxer, who spend their whole life playing striking, because striking is not. the only content that MMA fighters have to pay attention to. Therefore, the ability to recognize love and seize striking opportunities for MMA boxers is not as sharp as Kickboxers and Boxers of the same level.

Therefore, capturing the moves of Dominich Cruz and Tj Dillashaw becomes an impossible task. Especially when both of these stars are ranked wrestlers. They are all likely waiting for a kick-in to do a pick-in shoot.


Why is footwork of boxing and MMA more flowery than footwork kickboxing? (Part 1)

Speaking of footwork, both boxing and MMA have talents with superior footwork, but why in the kickboxing and Muay Thai arenas, quick legs like “dancing” are not so popular?

In fact, footwork plays an important part in all fighting sports, from fencing to wrestling, footwork also plays a crucial role. However, sometimes due to the specificity of many martial arts, the footwork element does not appear too prominent in matches.

If in Boxing, the moves of Muhammad Ali or Lomachenko are always the focus of attention, then at MMA, Dominick Cruz and Tj Dillashaw are also martial artists who have successfully demonstrated footwork techniques. skillful. But why, in the Kickboxing – Muay Thai ring, it seems that no star can “dance” like that? Whether Kickboxing’s rules are more open than Boxing and more limited than MMA?

Boxing footwork

Due to the fact that the rules of the game are limited to the hands and they are not allowed to turn around and run, the boxers must ensure their ability to move in order not to violate the rules of the game while ensuring their own safety. For this reason, the importance of footwork in Boxing is pushed to the highest level. The higher the level, the more important footwork plays an important role besides speed, strength, and fitness.

Since the fighting rules only allow the use of the hand to attack, slashes, attacks, barbs are also not allowed. The technique of holding his head to hold dirty boxing is also prohibited, bringing a fist to the opponent’s face becomes more difficult than ever. In order to do that, the punchers only have to find uncomfortable angles to strike. To find a good angle, you have to move to that angle.

For moving punches like Lomachenko or Muhammad Ali, they all maximize their ability to find a good angle to be able to maximize the maximum efficiency of every punch.

Boxing Boxing stars

Tyson Fury’s father had threatened to not talk to him if he fought Deontay Wilder

A tough decision from his father did not make Tyson Fury give up his famous “crazy” personality.

John Fury, the father of the WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, recently said he threatened to never talk to his son if Tyson Furry dared to fight Wilder.

Tyson Fury returned to the ring in 2018, after more than three years fighting alcohol, drug addiction and depression that made him overweight and weighed 177 kg. Tyson Fury’s return journey is ups and downs enough to make a film in depth.

When he just returned, Tyson Fury quickly won 2 warm-up victories in just 2 months and then immediately entered the controversial draw with Deontay Wilder at the end of 2018. In that match, Tyson Fury despite being overwhelming, he was still seen by Deontay Wilder twice on the floor.

“Tyson came to me and said he was going to fight Wilder. I told him, if you do, Dad won’t talk to you until you die. Because you will be beaten up. Just lost more than 60kg in a few months, I’m not ready. I told him to quit that game, have a few warm-ups because he hasn’t reached its level yet. My strength is very weak, I can’t fight. And he told me that he was a martial artist, if he was beaten it wouldn’t be. He said” I’ll do what Joshua wouldn’t dare do. If he (Wilder) gradually has a child, it can’t be helped. The best will win” – Mr. John Fury shared.

Mr. John proudly: “Just that and the rest is history. It’s one of the greatest comebacks in history. Who can do that when you’ve been knocked down twice?”

Then, at the 2020 rematch, Tyson Fury took an overwhelming TKO win over Deontay Wilder. The new WBC heavyweight king is also expected to play Anthony Joshua in 2021.

Boxing Boxing stars

Knockout Costa, Israel Adesanya was opened by Dana White to fight Jon Jones

After overcoming the Paulo Costa challenge, Israel Adesanya’s desire to challenge Jon Jones was given the green light by President Dana White.

TKO win over Paulo Costa at UFC 253 helped Israel Adesanya increase their record 20-0 on the MMA. This is also his 100th win on both Kickboxing and mixed martial arts.

However, at the UFC alone, Adesanya’s journey can now really begin. Because after two successful defending matches, the Nigerian puncher has the conditions to seek bigger goals – specifically, Jon Jones.

This was confirmed by President Dana White just before UFC 253 when talking about the ability of two punches to encounter. “Jon has yet to officially go heavy.” – White said. “We have yet to determine his intentions.”

Since giving up the championship title, Jon Jones has yet to officially join Heavyweight.

“If it was Jon Jones, you would sit and wait for what happens. Who is win? How to win? Maybe let them defend the belt first in the game and come back and steal the belt. ” – White opened up his wishes to Jones.

“Either he can go heavy, or stay and fight Adesanya. Jon Jones is in the perfect position right now. “

In fact, the UFC 253 ends up giving Jon Jones a lot of options. The heavyweight he once dominated welcomes a new king – Jan Blachowicz, who has challenged Jones earlier.

If you do not want to upgrade or return to win the title, the battle to Israel Adesanya is also a good choice for Jon Jones. Even this may be the hottest UFC match in these two weight categories for many years.

Israel Adesanya vs. Jon Jones was given a green light by Dana White.

Once referred to as “the new generation Anderson Silva”, Israel Adesanya with its flamboyant effect can do what the Brazilian legend has not done before – challenge Jon Jones. Because in the past, although he had played in the semi-heavyweight category, Silva could not complete the Superfight as expected by the audience.

Now, when the mid-tier doesn’t have many names that can immediately compete for the title, Israel Adesanya has reason to urge the UFC to hold a Superfight with Jones.


Why is leg lock considered evil by the BJJ world?

BJJ is a martial art known for its grip. However, the leg lock moves are stigmatized by most dojo and tournament. Below are the reasons why leg lock is always considered an evil move by BJJ.

Although it is famous for its locking moves, especially with foot locks, many BJJ dojo do not allow students to use it until they reach the green belt level. In most youth tournaments, leg lock is also considered a ban.

1. Leg lock causes more dangerous injuries

The legs are usually less flexible than the arms, but the legs are much stronger than the arms because it is the place to support the weight of the entire body. Because of that element of inflexibility, the feet will be more damaged when facing the crunches, twisting joints.

Because the leg joints have a limited range of motion, leg locks often have far greater consequences than comparable hand locks.

2. The pain doesn’t come right away

Such a dangerous foot lock, but the pain does not come immediately for the fighter to recognize and tap in time. Therefore, the body has to suffer more damage before the boxer is aware of the pain and has to tap for goods.

Not to mention that for new boxers, the personality is still aggressive, sometimes trying to escape, making the injury worse. Ego is the most dangerous thing in BJJ.

3. New students easily sacrifice position when hitting leg lock

For the gurus, no matter what technique they use, they can hold good positions. But for new students, the greed to kill an opponent that easily makes them lose their position and balance.

The legs are in the opponent’s guard area, if the student does not try to hold his position but quickly find the leg lock. Chances are, the student will sacrifice all of his or her advantageous positions without achieving anything.

Actually, leg lock is not the most dangerous technique of BJJ. The most dangerous thing in BJJ is your ego. New students often have a big ego, so dojo schools often prohibit the removal of leg locks on white belts so that these students do not harm themselves with their own egos.

Not to mention the reason that the masters do not want to teach students to leg lock early is also because they get the students to get used to the position control, which is the core of BJJ. Good position control is aimed at locking moves.

After all, leg lock is not a heresy. It’s just the powerful weapon you need to have all the qualities to use.

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Colby Covington issued a sharp statement with a Tyron Woodley knockout

Returning to a brilliant form against rival Tyron Woodley, Colby Covington aimed for two of the hottest UFC Welterweight names.

It took more than 2 years to be able to resolve the conflicts caused earlier, both Tyron Woodley and Colby Covington entered the main match with high vigor. Because both boxers are having a recent defeat.

Expected to play more explosive, Tyron Woodley could not make any mutation before Covington. Even the former Welterweight champion continued to be caught up in the striking technique of playing, timing the exact fall from the opponent.

The scenario of the previous two matches with Kamaru Usman and Gilbert Burns was repeated, Woodley was completely under the pressure of chaos. In the fourth half, Colby also launched more than 100 accurate hits with the number less than 10 of Tyron Woodley.

Discipline, composure, and standing ability have been markedly improved from Covington’s side, his attacks not only to scare the opponent as before soon creating cuts on Woodley’s face.

By the fifth half, a decisive situation occurred when Tyron tried to try to counter-attack from Covington with a guilotine choke. However, when he fell, Woodley suddenly complained of pain and asked to stop the match. Apparently a back or rib injury caused Woodley to give up, TKO victory is declared for Colby Covington.

Colby Covington did not forget to show his admiration for the United States, and sent a warning to defending champions Kamaru Usman and Jorge Masvidal – two boxers who still have an unsolved “debt” to him.

“I would like to donate this victory to the soldiers in the US military, but to those in the front line against the epidemic. This world wouldn’t be safe without you guys, I’m tired of cowards like LeBron James. ” – Colby criticized the basketball superstar for supporting the “Black Live Matter” movement.

Immediately after the match, Colby Covington also received a congratulatory call from the incumbent US President Donald J. Trump. The 45th President of the United States also sent an appointment to win the championship title to the puncher as his “big fan”.

With this win, Colby Covington is sure to be in the top spot of Welterweight UFC. If it is good, he will have a match against Jorge Masvidal before looking for a chance to compete with the winner Kamaru Usman vs. Gilbert Burns.

Boxing Boxing stars

Dustin Poirier asked to raise his bid to fight Tony Ferguson at UFC 254

Ready to face “Mr. Koo” Tony Ferguson, however, Dustin Poirier still gives certain requirements for the match to take place at UFC 254.

The matches have been revealed making UFC 254 currently UFC’s biggest Fight Card 2020 event. However, the confrontation between Dustin Poirier and Tony Ferguson – the supposed Co-Main Event match of the event has yet to come to an end.

Both were two boxers who used to hold the Interim Lightweight belt, however, Poirier had an advantage because he had the closest victory over Dan Hooker. Meanwhile, Tony just lost his chance to face Khabib when he lost to TKO Justin Gaethje at UFC 249.

It is for this reason that Dustin Poirier conditions the UFC: to fight Tony, Dustin needs a more reasonable price.

“I’m ready, the point is I need a good compensation if they want to host this match, that’s all. I have a name that has a price and that price must match. ” – He shares.

Dustin Poirier wants a fair amount of money to appear with Tony at UFC 254. In fact, Dustin’s performance is now only two official contenders Khabib and Justin Gaethje. In the last 5 matches, except for the defeat to Khabib, Dustin defeated his opponents convincingly.

Dustin’s peak doubles ability makes the audience believe that he is the right piece for Tony to deliver a quality Co-Main Event.

Dustin and Tony’s double ability to promise a match quality for UFC 254. According to information from ESPN, UFC is considering a side option if Dustin Poirier does not agree to the match with Tony Ferguson at UFC 254.

In the event that Justin Gaethje retires, Tony Ferguson will be the substitute to fight Khabib Nurmagomedov. But if Khabib withdraws, Dustin Poirier will be the one chosen to confront Justin.

Currently, this alternative has received many positive responses. However, the majority of opinions said that if both match Khabib vs. Khabib. Gaethje and Dustin vs. The same Tony could appear at UFC 254 is the best.

Boxing stars

Twice sexually abused women, world champion boxers received a 7-day prison sentence

Adrien Broner – a famous puncher who once held many World Boxing championships and was twice convicted of misleading to women who had just received a prison sentence of only 1 week.

The Boxing Scene page reported that Adrien Broner – an American boxer who won the world championship in 4 different weight classes, was sentenced to only 7 days in prison by judge Sherrie Miday in Cleveland. The reason is that Broner violated a two-year probationary order when he was involved in a case of sexually assaulting women at a nightclub in 2018.

Twice sexually abused women, world champion boxers received a 7-day prison sentence. Mrs. Miday hopes this sentence will be a serious warning to the 31-year-old boxer nicknamed “The troublemaker”. Broner, escorted by the police, left the court on August 26 without handcuffs and was transferred to a prison to begin serving a one-week prison sentence.

Previously, on February 13, 2018, Broner was sent to the Fulton District Prison in Atlanta city on charges of sexual assault, but was later released on bail. On June 18 of that year, the Cincinnati-born boxing star had to forcefully kiss a beautiful strange girl caught in a nightclub in central Cleveland. On December 18, 2019, Broner was fined $ 830,000 (more than 19.2 billion) by the court for the second victim he groped. 

Broner told the judge that he was having trouble lately after being filed for divorce by his wife. In his career, the puncher born in 1989 won 33, lost 4 and drew 1 in the upper reaches, including 24 knockout wins.

The last time that Broner played was a failure after 12 innings against Filipino legend – Manny Pacquiao on January 19, 2019 in the middle-class WBA (Regular) World Championship title match at MGM Grand Garden at Paradise (Nevada state, USA).

Boxing Boxing stars

Why did Mike Tyson propose to move the match with Roy Jones to the end of the year

Mike Tyson’s team is still hoping that one day the US, COVID-19 will be safe again.

Legendary Mike Tyson recently signed a contract with another Boxing legend, Roy Jones Jr in September. However, recently, this match was postponed until November 28. Mike Tyson’s team believes that rescheduling this match will help the event maximize revenue.

As expected, Mike Tyson will face Roy Jones Jr. in a friendly match that did not focus on win-lose and lasted 8 innings. The match is scheduled to be held at Dignity Health Park, California without spectators. Mike Tyson’s team said that resigning the match at the end of the year would give the event a chance to hold a live ticket sale instead of having to fight ‘run’ as originally planned. 

Another problem that happens during negotiation is the competition helmet. The California State Sports Commission (CSAC), which licensed the match, asked two veterans to wear helmets during the match, making this friendly match a “colorful sparring”, At least according to the insiders. 

In addition, the delay of the 3-month schedule has even helped Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. There is more time to prepare. Whether accidentally or intentionally, the new schedule is exactly 12 weeks away from the present – the most ideal time to prepare for a match. This issue also caused the Roy Jones side to question:  “Will Mike Tyson suddenly lose blood and rush to attack so hard to look for KO?”

Mr. Andy Fosster, CEO of CSAC initially said:  “This is not a match where the two are going to try to kill each other. They just go in there, move, and then show the fans to the fans. only statue”. However, if Mike Tyson suddenly “went crazy” like he used to play, Roy Jones could not turn to Foster and say:  “Hey! Do something.” 

For that reason, although this is only a friendly match, the difference in weight rank and other technical risks, both punchers will still have to enter the friendly match with the same posture as the profession.

Boxing stars

Stipe Miocic is confident that defeating Jon Jones is sooner or later

UFC champion Stipe Miocic believes that his defeat of the two most talented punchers in the heavyweight – semi-heavy category is just a matter of time, one way.

Expected to confront Daniel Cormier at UFC 252, Stipe Miocic is responsible for protecting the second heavy belt against this opponent.

In addition to defeating “DC” to assert themselves as “the strongest heavyweight in history”, Miocic also aimed at an equally valuable name – Jon Jones. 

The promotion story with Jon Jones has long been discussed. However, the heavy changing of the king constantly makes people still hesitate about an authentic Super Fight match between the 2 most talented fighters in each weight class.

That is why Stipe believes that meeting and defeating Jon Jones is indispensable when he successfully defends the belt at UFC 252. 

“Of course, I totally agree it was a great match for both me and Jones. I believe I will end the match with victory in hand, he is in a different weight class, not my forte. That’s why I believe I will do well. ” – Miocic confidently said.

Not only Stipe, a lot of the audience wants Jones to be heavy, where there are good bodybuilders and powerful Boxing skills, one of Jones’ inherent engravings. 

With Francis Ngannou, Daniel Cormier or the previous generation of boxers like Alistair Overreem, Junior Dos Santos, Stipe Miocic have shown the bravery of a technical punch, smart, hard-headed and comprehensive.

Although, compared to the body, Stipe Miocic is still inferior to Jon Jones in stride (80 inches compared to 84 inches of Jones).

However, the firefighter from Cleveland has much better Boxing skills and stamina than the boxers who made it difficult for Jon Jones like Dominick Reyes, Thiago Santos or Alexander Gustafsson.

Although confident, but to be able to face Jon Jones, Stipe Miocic still needs to ensure the No. 1 position in his heavyweight, ahead of Daniel Cormier ahead at UFC 252 here.

In addition, there is another boxer waiting to compete for the title of “The Predator” Francis Ngannou – the boxer who failed before Stipe is anxious to revenge. On the Jones side, the heavyweight champion has not reappeared since UFC 247 with controversial results against Dominick Reyes. Currently, President Dana White has not revealed any plans for him this year.