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Colby Covington issued a sharp statement with a Tyron Woodley knockout

Returning to a brilliant form against rival Tyron Woodley, Colby Covington aimed for two of the hottest UFC Welterweight names.

It took more than 2 years to be able to resolve the conflicts caused earlier, both Tyron Woodley and Colby Covington entered the main match with high vigor. Because both boxers are having a recent defeat.

Expected to play more explosive, Tyron Woodley could not make any mutation before Covington. Even the former Welterweight champion continued to be caught up in the striking technique of playing, timing the exact fall from the opponent.

The scenario of the previous two matches with Kamaru Usman and Gilbert Burns was repeated, Woodley was completely under the pressure of chaos. In the fourth half, Colby also launched more than 100 accurate hits with the number less than 10 of Tyron Woodley.

Discipline, composure, and standing ability have been markedly improved from Covington’s side, his attacks not only to scare the opponent as before soon creating cuts on Woodley’s face.

By the fifth half, a decisive situation occurred when Tyron tried to try to counter-attack from Covington with a guilotine choke. However, when he fell, Woodley suddenly complained of pain and asked to stop the match. Apparently a back or rib injury caused Woodley to give up, TKO victory is declared for Colby Covington.

Colby Covington did not forget to show his admiration for the United States, and sent a warning to defending champions Kamaru Usman and Jorge Masvidal – two boxers who still have an unsolved “debt” to him.

“I would like to donate this victory to the soldiers in the US military, but to those in the front line against the epidemic. This world wouldn’t be safe without you guys, I’m tired of cowards like LeBron James. ” – Colby criticized the basketball superstar for supporting the “Black Live Matter” movement.

Immediately after the match, Colby Covington also received a congratulatory call from the incumbent US President Donald J. Trump. The 45th President of the United States also sent an appointment to win the championship title to the puncher as his “big fan”.

With this win, Colby Covington is sure to be in the top spot of Welterweight UFC. If it is good, he will have a match against Jorge Masvidal before looking for a chance to compete with the winner Kamaru Usman vs. Gilbert Burns.

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Dustin Poirier asked to raise his bid to fight Tony Ferguson at UFC 254

Ready to face “Mr. Koo” Tony Ferguson, however, Dustin Poirier still gives certain requirements for the match to take place at UFC 254.

The matches have been revealed making UFC 254 currently UFC’s biggest Fight Card 2020 event. However, the confrontation between Dustin Poirier and Tony Ferguson – the supposed Co-Main Event match of the event has yet to come to an end.

Both were two boxers who used to hold the Interim Lightweight belt, however, Poirier had an advantage because he had the closest victory over Dan Hooker. Meanwhile, Tony just lost his chance to face Khabib when he lost to TKO Justin Gaethje at UFC 249.

It is for this reason that Dustin Poirier conditions the UFC: to fight Tony, Dustin needs a more reasonable price.

“I’m ready, the point is I need a good compensation if they want to host this match, that’s all. I have a name that has a price and that price must match. ” – He shares.

Dustin Poirier wants a fair amount of money to appear with Tony at UFC 254. In fact, Dustin’s performance is now only two official contenders Khabib and Justin Gaethje. In the last 5 matches, except for the defeat to Khabib, Dustin defeated his opponents convincingly.

Dustin’s peak doubles ability makes the audience believe that he is the right piece for Tony to deliver a quality Co-Main Event.

Dustin and Tony’s double ability to promise a match quality for UFC 254. According to information from ESPN, UFC is considering a side option if Dustin Poirier does not agree to the match with Tony Ferguson at UFC 254.

In the event that Justin Gaethje retires, Tony Ferguson will be the substitute to fight Khabib Nurmagomedov. But if Khabib withdraws, Dustin Poirier will be the one chosen to confront Justin.

Currently, this alternative has received many positive responses. However, the majority of opinions said that if both match Khabib vs. Khabib. Gaethje and Dustin vs. The same Tony could appear at UFC 254 is the best.

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Twice sexually abused women, world champion boxers received a 7-day prison sentence

Adrien Broner – a famous puncher who once held many World Boxing championships and was twice convicted of misleading to women who had just received a prison sentence of only 1 week.

The Boxing Scene page reported that Adrien Broner – an American boxer who won the world championship in 4 different weight classes, was sentenced to only 7 days in prison by judge Sherrie Miday in Cleveland. The reason is that Broner violated a two-year probationary order when he was involved in a case of sexually assaulting women at a nightclub in 2018.

Twice sexually abused women, world champion boxers received a 7-day prison sentence. Mrs. Miday hopes this sentence will be a serious warning to the 31-year-old boxer nicknamed “The troublemaker”. Broner, escorted by the police, left the court on August 26 without handcuffs and was transferred to a prison to begin serving a one-week prison sentence.

Previously, on February 13, 2018, Broner was sent to the Fulton District Prison in Atlanta city on charges of sexual assault, but was later released on bail. On June 18 of that year, the Cincinnati-born boxing star had to forcefully kiss a beautiful strange girl caught in a nightclub in central Cleveland. On December 18, 2019, Broner was fined $ 830,000 (more than 19.2 billion) by the court for the second victim he groped. 

Broner told the judge that he was having trouble lately after being filed for divorce by his wife. In his career, the puncher born in 1989 won 33, lost 4 and drew 1 in the upper reaches, including 24 knockout wins.

The last time that Broner played was a failure after 12 innings against Filipino legend – Manny Pacquiao on January 19, 2019 in the middle-class WBA (Regular) World Championship title match at MGM Grand Garden at Paradise (Nevada state, USA).

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Why did Mike Tyson propose to move the match with Roy Jones to the end of the year

Mike Tyson’s team is still hoping that one day the US, COVID-19 will be safe again.

Legendary Mike Tyson recently signed a contract with another Boxing legend, Roy Jones Jr in September. However, recently, this match was postponed until November 28. Mike Tyson’s team believes that rescheduling this match will help the event maximize revenue.

As expected, Mike Tyson will face Roy Jones Jr. in a friendly match that did not focus on win-lose and lasted 8 innings. The match is scheduled to be held at Dignity Health Park, California without spectators. Mike Tyson’s team said that resigning the match at the end of the year would give the event a chance to hold a live ticket sale instead of having to fight ‘run’ as originally planned. 

Another problem that happens during negotiation is the competition helmet. The California State Sports Commission (CSAC), which licensed the match, asked two veterans to wear helmets during the match, making this friendly match a “colorful sparring”, At least according to the insiders. 

In addition, the delay of the 3-month schedule has even helped Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. There is more time to prepare. Whether accidentally or intentionally, the new schedule is exactly 12 weeks away from the present – the most ideal time to prepare for a match. This issue also caused the Roy Jones side to question:  “Will Mike Tyson suddenly lose blood and rush to attack so hard to look for KO?”

Mr. Andy Fosster, CEO of CSAC initially said:  “This is not a match where the two are going to try to kill each other. They just go in there, move, and then show the fans to the fans. only statue”. However, if Mike Tyson suddenly “went crazy” like he used to play, Roy Jones could not turn to Foster and say:  “Hey! Do something.” 

For that reason, although this is only a friendly match, the difference in weight rank and other technical risks, both punchers will still have to enter the friendly match with the same posture as the profession.

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Stipe Miocic is confident that defeating Jon Jones is sooner or later

UFC champion Stipe Miocic believes that his defeat of the two most talented punchers in the heavyweight – semi-heavy category is just a matter of time, one way.

Expected to confront Daniel Cormier at UFC 252, Stipe Miocic is responsible for protecting the second heavy belt against this opponent.

In addition to defeating “DC” to assert themselves as “the strongest heavyweight in history”, Miocic also aimed at an equally valuable name – Jon Jones. 

The promotion story with Jon Jones has long been discussed. However, the heavy changing of the king constantly makes people still hesitate about an authentic Super Fight match between the 2 most talented fighters in each weight class.

That is why Stipe believes that meeting and defeating Jon Jones is indispensable when he successfully defends the belt at UFC 252. 

“Of course, I totally agree it was a great match for both me and Jones. I believe I will end the match with victory in hand, he is in a different weight class, not my forte. That’s why I believe I will do well. ” – Miocic confidently said.

Not only Stipe, a lot of the audience wants Jones to be heavy, where there are good bodybuilders and powerful Boxing skills, one of Jones’ inherent engravings. 

With Francis Ngannou, Daniel Cormier or the previous generation of boxers like Alistair Overreem, Junior Dos Santos, Stipe Miocic have shown the bravery of a technical punch, smart, hard-headed and comprehensive.

Although, compared to the body, Stipe Miocic is still inferior to Jon Jones in stride (80 inches compared to 84 inches of Jones).

However, the firefighter from Cleveland has much better Boxing skills and stamina than the boxers who made it difficult for Jon Jones like Dominick Reyes, Thiago Santos or Alexander Gustafsson.

Although confident, but to be able to face Jon Jones, Stipe Miocic still needs to ensure the No. 1 position in his heavyweight, ahead of Daniel Cormier ahead at UFC 252 here.

In addition, there is another boxer waiting to compete for the title of “The Predator” Francis Ngannou – the boxer who failed before Stipe is anxious to revenge. On the Jones side, the heavyweight champion has not reappeared since UFC 247 with controversial results against Dominick Reyes. Currently, President Dana White has not revealed any plans for him this year.

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Shinya Aoki – The lockmaster of ONE Championship

If you name a fighter who can represent contemporary Asian MMA, the first name mentioned is none other than Shinya Aoki.

Born in a country with the most developed modern martial arts in Asia – Japan, Shinya Aoki is like many other students in this country starting with the traditional Judo martial arts. Excited about the Japanese martial arts and successively winning student tournaments, but Shinya Aoki had another passion that would later make him famous around the world – the lock-on techniques.

Shinya Aoki – Bậc thầy khóa siết của ONE Championship

Understanding the science, beauty, and effectiveness of locking techniques, Shinya Aoki continues to master his studies in many different martial arts and gradually attains mastery in Shoot Wrestling and Brazilian Jutsu. . 

Recognizing the stage so that he could show all his skills, Shinya Aoki quickly joined the booming MMA wave in Japan in the 2000s. DEEP, Shooto, Pride to DREAM – few would expect that the puncher born in 1983 went through more than 40 MMA matches when he just turned 30. At one point, Shinya Aoki had even completed 7 matches. in just 1 year 2008, a high frequency of competition in the early part of his career.

To explain this question about Shinya Aoki’s high competitiveness, there is probably only one appropriate answer: it is Shinya Aoki’s ultimate lock-on skill.

He may be slim, not too superior and even inferior to his competitors in terms of muscle strength, but in return, training experience in many different tightening disciplines with top lockers in Japanese MMA village such as Imanari, Yuki Nakai helped Shinya Aoki have the ability to survive perfectly against opponents who had such a fierce fighting style at that time. 

To talk about Shinya Aoki’s lock-in career in the MMA village, perhaps 28 out of 43 wins with key attacks is not enough. Not only does it have the number of times to finish off opponents with martial arts skills, but Shinya Aoki performs them in a variety of ways – especially rare locking moves like Gogoplata, which Aoki is the first. successfully used on the professional MMA floor. 

Clinging, knocking, controlling and ending the opponent, the ability to lock up has made Shinya Aoki a representative name for the Asian MMA village as well as the role model of a “small but martial” martial artist. MMA. And that is also the explanation for the nickname “Tobikan Judan” – “The master lock in the air”. 

Continuing to contribute to the world MMA village, Shinya Aoki joined the ONE Championship when the tournament just started. Here, Aoki continues to show his ultimate skill against punches from all over the world such as Kotetsu Boku, Arnaud Lepont, the young talents of the tournament such as Shannon Wiratchai, Ev Ting or the elders Eduard Folayang. At least one fall from Aoki’s key word skill.

As a representative of the Asian MMA village, once wearing the prestigious ONE Lightweight Championship title twice, Shinya Aoki is still an undeniable force in the world’s number one martial arts tournament. 

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Terence Crawford decided to change his life by eating bullets in the head

Having nearly died of gambling at a young age, Terence “Bud” Crawford was determined to change his lifestyle and become a world champion.

This story took place in 2008 in the city of Omaha, where Crawford lives. He was only 20 years old. His life is quite stable, he has just won the 4th career career. His opponent is an unknown fighter and takes place at a small gym, but most champions have a very normal start.

On that day, Crawford should have been to the gym. But because of his youthful thinking, the American boxer decided to hide and play gambling with a group of friends. After several consecutive winning games, Crawford decided to pick up the money and go home, a very wise decision. However, what happened next became an unforgettable moment for American boxers.

The 9mm bullet fired from the handgun went through the rear window of the car and slipped across the right cheekbone of the fist. The thug that fired Crawford didn’t really mean to shoot him, but pointed a gun at another card player running toward the Crawford.

Although the bullet was not stuck in Crawford’s head, his wound was still very serious and caused heavy bleeding. Field investigators have stated that if the bullet’s trajectory was not deviated by the windshield, it would have been able to pin the puncher’s brain.

Though unable to think clearly, Omaha’s pride drove himself to the hospital and phoned his mother, Deborah and his coach, Brian McIntyre. Terence Crawford recounted a phone call between him and the coach: “Hey, what are you doing, I was shot in the head.”

After 5 hours of minor surgery, the American fist was allowed to leave the hospital. While lying in the waiting room, seeing the people around him bleeding from the violence on the street and possibly losing his life in his hospital bed made the 20-year-old boxer see himself again.

A few months later, Crawford’s son was born. This made his determination to change his life even stronger. Boxing is no longer just a hobby but a ticket for him and his family to have a warm and safer life. On November 8, 2008, Crawford won his fifth career.

It has been nearly 12 years since that near death, Terence Crawford has devoted all his time to Boxing. “Bud” leaderboard is currently 36-0. He owns the Wter weight Welterweight belt together with the Light Welterweight WBC, WBO, WBA, IBF and The Ring belts. The old bullet can be seen as a wake-up call to help Crawford break the habit of gambling, but if he misses a few millimeters, the world has lost a talent.

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Petchdam – Petchmorakot: The fraternal couple at ONE No Surrender

Leading ONE No Surrender together with two title matches, the Petchmorakot and Petchdam brothers all aim to win the championship together.

Taking charge of the name of Petchyindee Academy leading ONE No Surrender, few know that Petchmorakot and Petchdam are not just teammates in the gym. They have been friends on the Muay Thai road since childhood. 

Growing up in Ubon Ratchathani, a mountainous province 650km northeast of Bangkok, Petchdam could not expect one day to stand on the world stage with his seniors.

“I’m very happy, it’s hard to imagine two country boys from Ubon Ratchathani, having a day together towards the world championship.” – Petchdam shared. “A guard, a defiant belt. It is an honor and a pride”.

Unlike other little boxers, Petchdam was trained by his father, a man who did not know anything about Muay Thai just by loving the martial art. However, that of course did not help the fist born in 1997 when he lost the battle. 

This is also when Petchdam looks for a new gym and meets his seniors here. 

“When I trained at Sit Odd Piboon, I met Petchmorakot, we have known each other since he was 10 years old.” Muay Thai Flyweight belt fighter preparing to share. 

However, by the age of 16, the play life had somewhat swept away the young boxer Petchmorakot. But soon, his passion for Muay Thai dragged him back to the ring and once again coincided with his old brother.

“When I came to train at Petchyindee Academy, I felt so lonely. We’ve been practicing together for so long, I really miss my brother the first day I come here”. – Petchmorakot shared.

However, not long after, Petchmorakot was soon reunited with his brother. That was when Petchdam decided to pursue a career as a professional Muay. 

So far, both Petchdam and Petchmorakot have won prestigious titles at Lumpinee, WBC, ONE Championship and here, both will aim to bring the gold belt of the tournament together.

Confronted with the legendary Yodsanklai Fairtex, Petchmorakot took on the responsibility of protecting the ONE Featherweight Muay Thai belt he just won last year. In the main match of the event, Petchdam will challenge defending champion Rodtang Jitmuangnon to the throne of ONE Flyweight Muay Thai. 

“If we both win the next event, it will be a huge success. I am extremely proud to be with Petchdam on this journey. ” – champion Petchmorakot shared before the event.

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UFC Boot 251: The most beautiful KO victories of Jorge Masvidal

At UFC 251, “Jesus street” Jorge Masvidal will be on the upper side with mid-level champion UFC Kamaru Usman. More specifically, Masvidal accepted this match in less than 10 days after the news that Gilbert Burns had COVID-19.

Over the past few years, Jorge Masvidal has emerged as an undefeated force in the UFC semi-middleweight category. The fighting style is somewhat crazy with the scary KO ability that helped him win a big position in the audience.

Having played for UFC since 2013, but Jorge Masvidal only truly became the superstar of the tournament after KO Darren Till and Ben Askren. Since then, Masvidal has become one of the hottest names in UFC.

Despite not having an impressive long winning streak, in the last 3 matches, Masvidal defeated KO / TKO on all opponents. The hard chin and the recent innovation in style have helped Jorge Masvidal to become UFC’s BMF champion

Following the successes, let’s take a look at the three most recent KO victories of Jorge “Gamebred” Masvidal, also known under the name “Jesus of the Street”.

Jorge Masvidal vs Darren Till

Masvidal, then an 11thweight fighter Welterweight UFC, surprisingly knocked out “Darren Till” Darren Till at UFC on ESPN +5.
UFC on ESPN +5 would have been quite a boring event and lacked highlights without the appearance of Jorge Masvidal and Darren Till.

Jorge Masvidal (11th) has been considered a dead for UFC on ESPN +5 when facing the 3rd ranked player in the Welterweight UFC Darren Till. However, latch to make miracles.

Right in the first half, the “white savage” has plunged into the hash to fill the pitch, continuously having 2 knock down – takedown success. However, Jorge Mavisdal has “survived” successfully by handling alertness and dexterity. In the second half, Jorge Masvisdal suddenly created a mutation. After an extremely stance change “brain hack”, he successfully plugged the left hook into Darren Till’s face. The subsequent punch quickly made the “white savage” lie still on the floor waiting for the referee to intervene.

Jorge Masvidal vs Ben Askren

Entering UFC 239, Jorge Masvidal confronted Ben Askren – former ONE Championship champion and Bellator. In the pose of an underdog fighter. Damien Maia was once controlled by the BJJ skill, many viewers have said that Jorge Masvidal will face difficulties in the famous Wrestler like Ben Askren.

However, T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas was nearly exploded in the first seconds of the match, Ben Askren rushed into the gap in the middle of Jorge Masvidal sent a flying pillow – the hit to hit the chin of “Funky ”Caused Askren to fall immediately in the 5th second of the match. Winning the knockout for Jorge Masvidal.

Jorge Masvifal vs Nate Diaz

Just in the match, Jorge Masvidal immediately took advantage, Masvidal’s punches and kick-kick combo made Nate Diaz’s right eye bleed. Although standing up thanks to the referee and having an extra phase, Nate Diaz still let Masvidal take advantage of the score.

In the second half of the match, Masvidal continued to dominate Nate Diaz and knocked down this bully fist no matter how hard Diaz has a chin. Immediately after the end of the third period, the referee had to intervene and decided to stop the match because Nate Diaz had a big cut – the result of a series of punches and punches of Jorge Masvidal. “Jesus street” became the UF BMF champion ever since.

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Israel Adesanya vs Paulo Costa as coach

Not only on the floor, the two hottest fighters of the UFC medium will add a new responsibility: as the trainer of The Ultimate Fighter.

The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) – the popular reality TV show of UFC is expected to return in the near future. That is a confirmation confirmed by President Dana White in a series of recent interviews on Reddit. 

In addition to revealing the return of The Ultimate Fighter, President Dana White did not say anything more about the program that made the audience curious. Who will be the coach of the upcoming TUF season, who will lead the clash of new talents coming to UFC? 

And recently, UFC BLV Joe Rogan has revealed that the face that will lead the two teams to confront in The Ultimate Fighter season is the defending champion Israel Adesanya and the great rival Paulo Costa. 

In The Ultimate Fighter, the boxers will be divided into 2 teams under the guidance of 2 coaches – usually the fighters who are competing at UFC. Living in the same area, fighters will practice and compete to get their official debut at UFC. 

Beginning in 2005, The Ultimate Fighter has produced dozens of fighters and champions for UFC. Training – activities – competitions at TUF also help UFC build natural “dramas” among martial artists – the biggest attraction that TUF brings.  As two face-to-face confrontations in the middle class, the fact that Israel Adesanya and Paulo Costa are coaches at TUF last season will bring a lot of drama to this program. And of course, the audience hopes that the two boxers will end their resentment with a title match, with the reserve matches being their students competing for the UFC contract.