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Petchdam – Petchmorakot: The fraternal couple at ONE No Surrender

Leading ONE No Surrender together with two title matches, the Petchmorakot and Petchdam brothers all aim to win the championship together.

Taking charge of the name of Petchyindee Academy leading ONE No Surrender, few know that Petchmorakot and Petchdam are not just teammates in the gym. They have been friends on the Muay Thai road since childhood. 

Growing up in Ubon Ratchathani, a mountainous province 650km northeast of Bangkok, Petchdam could not expect one day to stand on the world stage with his seniors.

“I’m very happy, it’s hard to imagine two country boys from Ubon Ratchathani, having a day together towards the world championship.” – Petchdam shared. “A guard, a defiant belt. It is an honor and a pride”.

Unlike other little boxers, Petchdam was trained by his father, a man who did not know anything about Muay Thai just by loving the martial art. However, that of course did not help the fist born in 1997 when he lost the battle. 

This is also when Petchdam looks for a new gym and meets his seniors here. 

“When I trained at Sit Odd Piboon, I met Petchmorakot, we have known each other since he was 10 years old.” Muay Thai Flyweight belt fighter preparing to share. 

However, by the age of 16, the play life had somewhat swept away the young boxer Petchmorakot. But soon, his passion for Muay Thai dragged him back to the ring and once again coincided with his old brother.

“When I came to train at Petchyindee Academy, I felt so lonely. We’ve been practicing together for so long, I really miss my brother the first day I come here”. – Petchmorakot shared.

However, not long after, Petchmorakot was soon reunited with his brother. That was when Petchdam decided to pursue a career as a professional Muay. 

So far, both Petchdam and Petchmorakot have won prestigious titles at Lumpinee, WBC, ONE Championship and here, both will aim to bring the gold belt of the tournament together.

Confronted with the legendary Yodsanklai Fairtex, Petchmorakot took on the responsibility of protecting the ONE Featherweight Muay Thai belt he just won last year. In the main match of the event, Petchdam will challenge defending champion Rodtang Jitmuangnon to the throne of ONE Flyweight Muay Thai. 

“If we both win the next event, it will be a huge success. I am extremely proud to be with Petchdam on this journey. ” – champion Petchmorakot shared before the event.

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UFC Boot 251: The most beautiful KO victories of Jorge Masvidal

At UFC 251, “Jesus street” Jorge Masvidal will be on the upper side with mid-level champion UFC Kamaru Usman. More specifically, Masvidal accepted this match in less than 10 days after the news that Gilbert Burns had COVID-19.

Over the past few years, Jorge Masvidal has emerged as an undefeated force in the UFC semi-middleweight category. The fighting style is somewhat crazy with the scary KO ability that helped him win a big position in the audience.

Having played for UFC since 2013, but Jorge Masvidal only truly became the superstar of the tournament after KO Darren Till and Ben Askren. Since then, Masvidal has become one of the hottest names in UFC.

Despite not having an impressive long winning streak, in the last 3 matches, Masvidal defeated KO / TKO on all opponents. The hard chin and the recent innovation in style have helped Jorge Masvidal to become UFC’s BMF champion

Following the successes, let’s take a look at the three most recent KO victories of Jorge “Gamebred” Masvidal, also known under the name “Jesus of the Street”.

Jorge Masvidal vs Darren Till

Masvidal, then an 11thweight fighter Welterweight UFC, surprisingly knocked out “Darren Till” Darren Till at UFC on ESPN +5.
UFC on ESPN +5 would have been quite a boring event and lacked highlights without the appearance of Jorge Masvidal and Darren Till.

Jorge Masvidal (11th) has been considered a dead for UFC on ESPN +5 when facing the 3rd ranked player in the Welterweight UFC Darren Till. However, latch to make miracles.

Right in the first half, the “white savage” has plunged into the hash to fill the pitch, continuously having 2 knock down – takedown success. However, Jorge Mavisdal has “survived” successfully by handling alertness and dexterity. In the second half, Jorge Masvisdal suddenly created a mutation. After an extremely stance change “brain hack”, he successfully plugged the left hook into Darren Till’s face. The subsequent punch quickly made the “white savage” lie still on the floor waiting for the referee to intervene.

Jorge Masvidal vs Ben Askren

Entering UFC 239, Jorge Masvidal confronted Ben Askren – former ONE Championship champion and Bellator. In the pose of an underdog fighter. Damien Maia was once controlled by the BJJ skill, many viewers have said that Jorge Masvidal will face difficulties in the famous Wrestler like Ben Askren.

However, T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas was nearly exploded in the first seconds of the match, Ben Askren rushed into the gap in the middle of Jorge Masvidal sent a flying pillow – the hit to hit the chin of “Funky ”Caused Askren to fall immediately in the 5th second of the match. Winning the knockout for Jorge Masvidal.

Jorge Masvifal vs Nate Diaz

Just in the match, Jorge Masvidal immediately took advantage, Masvidal’s punches and kick-kick combo made Nate Diaz’s right eye bleed. Although standing up thanks to the referee and having an extra phase, Nate Diaz still let Masvidal take advantage of the score.

In the second half of the match, Masvidal continued to dominate Nate Diaz and knocked down this bully fist no matter how hard Diaz has a chin. Immediately after the end of the third period, the referee had to intervene and decided to stop the match because Nate Diaz had a big cut – the result of a series of punches and punches of Jorge Masvidal. “Jesus street” became the UF BMF champion ever since.


Franchise champion – the new joke of WBC

If you’ve ever heard of franchised chains, franchised cafes, then with WBC, you’ll have a “Franchise Champion”.

Recently, WBC shocked the Boxing world by honoring the defending champion Canelo Alvarez with the new title: “Franchise Champion”. It would probably not be worth anything if WBC didn’t decide to bring Jermall Charlo from the position of interim champion to the official WBC champion – the position that belongs to Canelo Alvarez. It can be said that WBC has stripped Canelo Alvarez of the championship with a new title that makes no sense.

Nhà vô địch nhượng quyền, trò đùa mới của WBC

Franchise champion is a new initiative, a special position that WBC is for current world champion. Franchise champion is an outstanding martial artist who has achieved much success as well as devoted to Boxing.

The WBC side added: “With 2/3 of the votes agreed from the WBC board, WBC can assign a weight champion to each class. The franchise champion will benefit. and responsibility for WBC, the franchise champion will also hold many titles, and the upper house to compete for the championship of other organizations, as well as be able to take a position on the board. of WBC. WBC chose Alvarez for his achievements”.

WBC also said that this is not an unilateral decision of this organization, but it has received a consensus from Canelo’s side, regardless of this decision, Canelo from the position of having 3 championship belts. MBA (Super), WBC and IBF, currently only have 2 championship titles, namely WBA (Super) and IBF.

Nhà vô địch nhượng quyền, trò đùa mới của WBC

More importantly, the title of the franchise champion is also not in contention, meaning that Canelo will always be the WBC champion without having to defend his title. But with the new title more noble than the world championship, the bonuses of title competitions in WBC may also change significantly. Specifically, if a fighter defeated Canelo, WBC could promise them a world title match – a belt less valuable than the current Canelo franchise title.

This can be considered as a tricky and greedy game of WBC. Not only is the move to keep Canelo, cases like Andy Ruiz defeated Anthony Joshua and destroyed the entire sharing system, the organization’s broadcast communication will not happen to WBC, at least when Canelo is no longer Hold the championship belt.

The challengers around Canelo’s golden egg-laying chicken no longer had any reason to touch the franchise champion when Canelo gave up the WBC belt. No matter where you win or not, at CanCBC, Canelo is completely protected. Now at WBC, Canelo only has to pay attention to big games, matches that really benefit WBC.

To be fair, this is the move of WBC to hold Canelo in promoting the image of the organization. This is also a good move for Canelo when WBC also hinted that Canelo can hold important positions in the WBC organization. Meaning that even when retired, Canelo can affect Boxing to a certain extent.


ONE Championship is about to return

CEO Chatri Sityodtong said he had carefully planned a booming comeback after the world health crisis COVID-19.

The past few months have marked a sad moment for sports all over the world. Due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, most sporting events around the world have been postponed or even canceled. Martial arts tournaments are no exception. However, in recent days, several sporting events have begun to return to the fans.

The famous American MMA UFC quickly returned to the track last month. Meanwhile, to ensure absolute safety for everyone, ONE Championship has not officially operated normally.

However, the ONE Championship has a thorough plan for an explosive comeback after the world health crisis. Accordingly, ONE Championship has completed the last round of funding and will definitely return to fans this summer.

The financial base is stable, so at the moment, CEO Sityodtong is in discussions with government employees and health experts from China, Thailand and Singapore to return to the track as quickly as possible. Upon completion of the plan, Sityodtong intends to speed up ONE’s schedule. In the second half of 2020, they will organize as many matches as possible cautiously.

The last ONE Championship event took place on February 28. So far, the operation schedule of this organization has been delayed for more than 3 months. Although it seems slower than the opponent UFC, but actually, this is a more cautious step of ONE.

UFC returned to the track a few months earlier than competitors like Bellator, Invicta, or Professional Fighters League (PFL). Bellator has not yet announced the official return date. Invicta announced their latest program will take place on July 2 after a 5-month break. The Professional Fighters League has canceled the entire 2020 season and will return next year.

The CEO of ONE Championship does not seem worried that he will “run after” rivals. Sityodtong’s cautious attitude towards ONE’s return is suitable for the Asian market at the moment.

ONE Championship organizes competitions throughout the Pacific Rim and Asia. By the end of 2019, ONE’s martial arts events have appeared in nine countries. Each country has its own public health concerns, has different requirements for athletes’ visa issues, and has higher governing bodies beyond the sports commission.


Conor McGregor praised the UFC for its aggressive organization of the tournament

Former UFC weight 2 champion, Conor McGregor recently praised the UFC for successfully organizing the event in just 8 days.

Coming back to the audience after the COVID-19 season with the UFC 249 event on May 9, UFC became the first major sports tournament to hold the event since the whole of America was in a state of home isolation. . During the event, Justin Gaethje defeated Tony Ferguson to become UFC’s next lightweight interim champion. This victory also gave Gaethje an official title match somewhere around September.

Half a week later, on May 13, UFC resumed a Fight Night event with the sudden victory of General Glover Teixeira against “Anthony Young Lion”. On May 16, another Fight Night was held. “Old General” Alistair Overeem was a spectacular comeback against Walt Harris.

Contrary to many opposing views that the UFC has been stubborn when organizing three consecutive events during the season, Conor McGregor praised Dana White’s support.

“UFC is back tonight! It’s wonderful!” – Conor McGregor posted on twitter. “3 shows in a row without any problems. Only one team was positive but it was discovered before causing any serious infection. For sports! For school! For business! Let’s play!”.


Currently, the ability to play of Conor McGregor is also left open because the Irish superstar is also executing an isolation order in his home country. However, with the expression of Conor McGregor, it can be seen that the former UFC king is also very “itchy” and wants to return to play.

However, the ability to return to light to play of Conor McGregor is also doubtful. In recent times, with the exception of the title match against Khabib and Eddie Alvarez, Conor MCGregor seems to be more active in the middle class. He even challenged Jorge Masvidal, a semi-middle star at the moment.

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Is Jorge Masvidal really avoiding the competition with Usman?

Suggesting a rematch with Nate Diaz while probably competing with Kamaru Usman, is there any evasion from Jorge Masvidal?

On the eve of UFC 249 in April, Jorge Masvidal and defending champion Welterweight Kamaru Usman challenged each other to appear at the event. In particular, the Nigerian champion accused Masvidal of not accepting to play despite still online claiming that he is “free-handed” and ready to confront anyone. 

Recently, Masvidal’s suggestion of a rematch with Nate Diaz has made his theory of dodging Usman a reality. Although at the present time, Masvidal is a boxer with achievements, popularity and has built up a gripping story with the champion.

Playing MMA since 2003 with nearly 50 times of the upper stage, only in 2019 did Masvidal’s name really reach the “world” status. Even during the first 7 years of joining UFC, “Gamebred” has not really won any competition. The BMF belt he earned when defeating Nate Diaz at UFC 244 was just a symbolic title. 

Therefore, Masvidal’s act of not promoting a fight with Usman was considered to be a dodge and wanted to cling to the temporary glory of the BMF title. Some even argue that the Miami-based puncher is afraid of losing and losing the position to try to build in 2019. 

“That’s strange. In the history of this sport, I have never seen anyone refuse to compete. The act of running away from that title fight is weird. ” – Leon Edwards, the boxer who is in the top of the belt at Welterweight said. “I know he’s a big name, but does everything say that he wants to be a champion? Therefore, it’s hard for me to understand this.”


Currently, the Welterweight class has the most potential UFC fighters. Besides Jorge Masvidal and Leon Edwards, another emerging name, Gilbert Burns, has just made the list.

Defeating the former King Tyron Woodley at UFC on ESPN 9 over the weekend, Gilbert Burns immediately rose to No. 1 on the Welterweight chart. The absolute overwhelming performance of “Durinho” helped him to win the 6th straight and the first opportunity to compete at UFC right before his eyes.


Is MMA really as cruel as people think?

Many people are still afraid of the brutality that this sport brings, but is MMA really dangerous for players as people think?

The following article will decipher the doubts about the security of MMA in your mind.

One of the deaths that led viewers to doubt the safety of the sport was the accident of boxer Sam Vasquez in 2007 on the official MMA arena. 

MMA có thật sự tàn bạo như mọi người vẫn nghĩ? - Ảnh 1.

Within 15 years of 1998, there were about 8 deaths on the floor that were thought to be related to MMA, but only 3 were to occur on the professional MMA arena. It is thought that until after the death of boxer Joao Carvalho in 2016, the number of deaths related to this discipline just turned 4.

Also from 1998 to 2011, there were 60 deaths in official boxing competitions, which is 15 times higher than that of professional MMA.

Also from 1998 to 2011, there were 60 deaths in the boxing competition, which is 15 times higher than that of professional MMA. Over the past 50 years between 1950 and 2007, Boxing fans witnessed more than 300 boxers dying from trauma especially in the head while this figure at MMA was only 4.

According to statistics, the rate of head and neck injuries for Boxing is 84%, which is also the highest among combat martial arts. 

The next order includes Karate accounting for 74% and the third is the MMA with an injury rate of only about 64%. According to statistics, the incidence of brain tremors in MMA is only about 4%, much lower than the 14% that Boxing brings.

MMA có thật sự tàn bạo như mọi người vẫn nghĩ? - Ảnh 3.

The incidence of injuries in MMA is higher than in Boxing matches, but the number of brain-related injuries in Boxing is twice as high as MMA.

Professor Shelby Karpman’s survey of 1181 MMA fighters and more than 500 boxing fighters showed that the incidence of injuries in MMA competition is higher than that of Boxing matches (59.4% compared to 49.8% ), but the number of brain-related injuries in Boxing has twice the rate of MMA (7.1% compared to 4.2%).

So why is the death rate and serious injury in MMA always lower than in other fighting martial arts?

In MMA, boxers don’t just use punches and kicks to take down opponents. In addition to those skills, boxers also use wrestling and locking techniques to win

It can be seen that almost all injuries or deaths in the official matches of MMA are always much lower than Boxing. Over the past 10 years, the number of people dying in boxing tournaments has been 15 times the number at MMA.

The reason for such difference is because in MMA, boxers do not only use punches and kicks to defeat opponents. In addition to those skills, boxers also use wrestling and locking techniques to win. 

This is one of the pretty good weapons to occupy safe positions, take down the enemy quickly but does not cause too much danger. Besides attacks, locking, the referee is always the one who appears in time to prevent unnecessary injuries.

The strict rules on the MMA arena both protect the safety of players, while ensuring an “open” environment for all participating disciplines.

Moreover, MMA always has strict rules in competition. 

Many people still think this is a free-spirited fighting game so there are no rules, but in fact the MMA tournaments comply with the strict rules. This is both to ensure the safety of the players and to create an “open” environment for all participating disciplines.

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The ring: Where weirdos shape the whole discipline (Part 2)

Muhammad Ali: Illusionist, arrogant and arrogant

Many people mistakenly believe that Muhammad Ali is famous for his “playing like a butterfly and punching like a bee”, but in fact, the person who shaped this style first was Joe Gans – the ancestor of Jab. What Muhammad Ali influenced boxing was the media.

Before Ali, the fighters could only fight until they were competing, while Cassius Clay (Ali’s name in the past) knew how to pump trashtalk to the top. Shortly after defeating the legendary old man near the fifties of Archie Moore, young Cassius Clay began a slandering campaign, cursing the great champion Sonny Liston at the time. Initially, the audience was interested in Clay’s madness, but for a long time, they were fed up and “begged” Liston to “close the boy’s mouth”. Ali won the competition for himself like that.

Võ đài: Nơi những kẻ lập dị định hình cả bộ môn

Ali’s huge ego from something obnoxious suddenly became his own attraction. That bragging nature was what made him brave enough to forget all the scary opponents before him. The ego is so big that he talks to himself, makes him “deluded” himself until he reaches the peak he aims from the beginning.

Juan Manuel Marquez: Blind faith and a sip of urine every day

Before Manuel Marquez, Boxing Mexico is just a traditional style of taking back and returning, after Marquez, the Mexican-style world dodges Counter like Canelo, Mexico changes angle to create angles like Leo Santa Cruz. In other words, the hybrid style that combines traditional Mexican crazy style and Marquez’s high-speed counter style inspired many later punchers. Currently, there are almost no Mexican champions pursuing the classic Mexican style, all of which have been greatly improved.

Võ đài: Nơi những kẻ lập dị định hình cả bộ môn

Great is that, but few know that Manuel Marquez has an absolute belief in urine. Manuel Marquez believes that the first urine contains a lot of the nutrients that the body has missed, so he needs to filter the body again. Even when he was famous, when he was at the peak with a lot of money in his account, Marquez still kept this strange habit even though he could afford to spend all the functional foods needed. Without this special “therapy”, Marquez would not be able to be confident in the ring.

Boxing General

The ring: Where weirdos shape the whole discipline (Part 1)

Eccentric, the term used to talk about anomalies, sporadic individuals with erratic personalities, but in the professional arena, eccentricity is a “sign” of an outstanding individual.

“Eccentric” is the term used to refer to the individual, sporadic acts of some individuals in society, it refers to a part of the personality, unusual style, peculiar interests, too unique and contrasting with the normal social norm. People who have this behavior are often noticed and are considered to be weirdos.

Võ đài: Nơi những kẻ lập dị định hình cả bộ môn

Meanwhile, “genius” are outstanding people with vision and insights ahead of their time. So, are the most eccentric people geniuses with the strangest worldview?

In the history of martial arts, more specifically boxing, there is no shortage of talented people who have made a tremendous impact on the development of this discipline. But there is a special thing that talented people come and go, people who change the face of martial arts always have an eccentric personality.

Joe Gans: Boxers are afraid of spanking and thinking beyond the times

At the end of bare-handed and early-boxing boxing, boxing developed with typical Irish fighting. Due largely to the influence of bare-handed boxing and the quality of the early gloves, the fighters also wore the thought of fighting KO opponents. Even the scoring system of boxing was still very vague and vague, so the boxer became more dependent on KO.

Võ đài: Nơi những kẻ lập dị định hình cả bộ môn

However, with Joe Gans, it is different, instead of focusing on strength like the predecessors, Joe Gans chose to develop competition tactics to search for KO. Because of this unique way of thinking, Joe Gans accidentally became the father of the modern Boxing style. Who would have thought that the crazy idea from a weak boxer in fear of being hit would shape the whole sport like boxing?