Boxing rules

How to calculate scores in boxing? (Part 1)

In each round, Assessment will award points based on the athletes’ punches. To score each attack, that attack is not blocked or protected and must hit the target with the correct contact area of ​​the glove, which must hit the front of the head or body from the waist up.

Cross attacks (Swings) hitting exactly as above are also counted. The value of body armor attacks will be assessed at the end of the body armor between the athletes and depending on the number of attacks the majority of that contestant.

Non-scoring attacks

Offenses (below the waist, nape, kick, etc.) or by the side, the back of the glove, the glove, or any other part outside the area of ​​the glove Five fingers (valid contact area), touching the body without the force of the shoulder or body, hitting with the arm.

Grading method

A score decision is set, and the inspector pushes the buttons that are instructed to allow the contestant to have accurate and valid strokes. Basically, accurate attacks and other information are recorded and calculated automatically by the scoring machine. A participant will receive a score if the player has received at least 3 of the 5 assessments who press the button for that participant.

A participant will be awarded points if the attack is valid for at least 3 out of 5 judges who press the button. There are attacks that are not enough. 3 Appraisal button presses for example only 2 button press assessments will also be saved by the scoring machine.

This is the basis for determining which athletes win if at the end of the match the score of two contestants is equal, based on the information on the scoring machine, it is calculated that the athlete has many combined moves. more rules.

If the two contestants are still equal, the 5 judges will decide the winner based on Article 17.3.3 (All competitions must specify the winning player and in friendly matches between the two countries can have draw) by pressing the appropriate button.