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Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr: Who is richer before the battle?

Let’s look at the property of two heavy boxing village monuments before the end of the match on November 29.

The return of Mike Tyson in the match against Roy Jones Jr this weekend, essentially does not bring many elements of expertise because of the limited competition rules. The audience simply wants to see what two monuments of the world boxing village will look like when they confront each other on the ring.

With Mike Tyson, it’s been nearly 30 years since the American boxer shook the boxing world with his quick knockout victories.

During his heyday, Mike Tyson raked in about $ 430 million in compensation for all of his matches, making him one of the most expensive boxers in the world. In particular, the confrontation with Lennox Lewis in 2000 was the biggest revenue match when Mike brought in nearly $ 150 million.

If calculated by the rate of inflation, Mike’s total tournament compensation is about $ 700 million at the present time (the figure is estimated by Celebritynetworth). This number is still not easy to achieve, whether it is the current top stars such as Canelo Alvarez, Tyson Fury or Anthony Joshua.

However, after the bankruptcy shock of the early 2000s and the financial revival of recent years, Mike Tyson’s net worth was estimated at only $ 3 million. The former American boxer has a company that produces and sells cannabis-related products with a revenue of about 500 thousand dollars per month.

Mike’s is currently busy with his own company.

It was with Mike Tyson – one of the biggest monuments in the boxing world, and what about his rival Roy Jones Jr?

Not as famous as Mike Tyson, but Roy Jones Jr is also considered one of the most successful punchers in the world with the title of world champion in 4 different weight categories.

In addition to boxing competition, Roy Jones Jr is also known for his music projects and owns a company promoting his own martial arts – Roy Jones Jr Promotions. The business activities help the 51-year-old boxer keep a net worth of about 5 million dollars to date.