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Fans tattered the idea of Andy Ruiz’s rematch

Although he once defeated TKO Anthony Joshua, it seems that Andy Ruiz’s poor performance in December last year prevented him from receiving the support of professionals.

In mid-2019, Andy Ruiz shocked the world after defeating superstar Anthony Joshua. More significantly, Andy Ruiz humiliated a famous opponent with four knock-outs before the referee decided to stop the match in the second half.

However, Ruiz could not keep up that great form, in December 2019, Ruiz lost all the glory just robbed from Anthony Joshua shortly. Mexican boxers also did not show the danger in the rematch except the weak chasing phase.

Người hâm mộ dập tơi tả ý tưởng tái đấu của Andy Ruiz

After the defeat, Ruiz admitted that he had failed to practice and suffered bitter defeat. Mexican boxers want another chance to start over. “I won the first match, he won the second game. Come back to the third competition and see.” – Ruiz challenged Joshua on Twitter.

The idea with such a good reason, Andy Ruiz will be responded by people, but no, Ruiz’s call immediately became the target “stoned” of public opinion. Andy Ruiz must constantly receive head shakes from the fans.

“I paid £ 25 to see a guy who didn’t even know how to practice, and then had to pay the championship belts to the opponent just because he couldn’t abstain from pastry. No, I don’t want to see the third match”.

Người hâm mộ dập tơi tả ý tưởng tái đấu của Andy Ruiz

“I had the opportunity to prepare, but I did not. It caused him to lose fans and relegate. Now I’m afraid you can’t even beat Chisora.”

It was Andy Ruiz’s former coach who also criticized Andy Ruiz too eager to neglect practice. However, amidst a forest of stone bricks, there were still supporters of Ruiz’s decision. Most importantly, Ruiz stumbled upon success. Stumbling like this will help Ruiz be more alert in his career.

With his current experience and determination to reach the top again, Andy Ruiz can still make it difficult for Anthony Joshua. In short, people only fear that Ruiz won’t try, and no one will fear that Ruiz is incompetent.