Boxing rules

How to calculate scores in boxing? (Part 2)

The player who wins the match is determined by the total number of correct moves counted in the matches, the player with the most accurate moves is the winner.

The athlete wins the opponent K.O when launching a valid attack that makes the opponent unable to continue playing after 10 counts of the referee (10 seconds).

Win due to the difference in qualifications

If the chief supervisor after consulting with the members of the Supervisory Board believes that the electronic scoring machine with 15 points difference between the two contestants, the match may be terminated to prevent a contestant from getting unnecessary attacks.

He reserves the right to stop the game by knocking on the gong or other means, consulting the referees and, as a result, declares “Corner X is the winner of the RSC”.

If a contestant is disqualified, that contestant is the winner. If both contestants are disqualified, the decision will be announced. Disqualified players are not allowed to win any prizes, medals, trophies, or rankings of the whole tournament.

The law of count-back in amateur boxing

There are 5 referees who participate in the scoring in each amateur boxing match, but only the scores of the 3 most equal referee judges are selected to calculate the final score.

When the final score is still the same (as 18-18 in the super heavyweight finals at the 2012 London Olympics for example), the score from the 2 referees will be eliminated, and the remaining referee’s score is the final score.

In the event that the score remains a tie, the highest and lowest scores of the referees in the corner of the green and red ring will be removed. If the score is still flat, the 5 referees will meet together to vote on the winner and the loser.

Above are the basic rules of calculating score in boxing. We hope the information is useful for you.