Why is footwork of boxing and MMA more flowery than footwork kickboxing? (Part 1)

Speaking of footwork, both boxing and MMA have talents with superior footwork, but why in the kickboxing and Muay Thai arenas, quick legs like “dancing” are not so popular?

In fact, footwork plays an important part in all fighting sports, from fencing to wrestling, footwork also plays a crucial role. However, sometimes due to the specificity of many martial arts, the footwork element does not appear too prominent in matches.

If in Boxing, the moves of Muhammad Ali or Lomachenko are always the focus of attention, then at MMA, Dominick Cruz and Tj Dillashaw are also martial artists who have successfully demonstrated footwork techniques. skillful. But why, in the Kickboxing – Muay Thai ring, it seems that no star can “dance” like that? Whether Kickboxing’s rules are more open than Boxing and more limited than MMA?

Boxing footwork

Due to the fact that the rules of the game are limited to the hands and they are not allowed to turn around and run, the boxers must ensure their ability to move in order not to violate the rules of the game while ensuring their own safety. For this reason, the importance of footwork in Boxing is pushed to the highest level. The higher the level, the more important footwork plays an important role besides speed, strength, and fitness.

Since the fighting rules only allow the use of the hand to attack, slashes, attacks, barbs are also not allowed. The technique of holding his head to hold dirty boxing is also prohibited, bringing a fist to the opponent’s face becomes more difficult than ever. In order to do that, the punchers only have to find uncomfortable angles to strike. To find a good angle, you have to move to that angle.

For moving punches like Lomachenko or Muhammad Ali, they all maximize their ability to find a good angle to be able to maximize the maximum efficiency of every punch.

Boxing stars

Stipe Miocic is confident that defeating Jon Jones is sooner or later

UFC champion Stipe Miocic believes that his defeat of the two most talented punchers in the heavyweight – semi-heavy category is just a matter of time, one way.

Expected to confront Daniel Cormier at UFC 252, Stipe Miocic is responsible for protecting the second heavy belt against this opponent.

In addition to defeating “DC” to assert themselves as “the strongest heavyweight in history”, Miocic also aimed at an equally valuable name – Jon Jones. 

The promotion story with Jon Jones has long been discussed. However, the heavy changing of the king constantly makes people still hesitate about an authentic Super Fight match between the 2 most talented fighters in each weight class.

That is why Stipe believes that meeting and defeating Jon Jones is indispensable when he successfully defends the belt at UFC 252. 

“Of course, I totally agree it was a great match for both me and Jones. I believe I will end the match with victory in hand, he is in a different weight class, not my forte. That’s why I believe I will do well. ” – Miocic confidently said.

Not only Stipe, a lot of the audience wants Jones to be heavy, where there are good bodybuilders and powerful Boxing skills, one of Jones’ inherent engravings. 

With Francis Ngannou, Daniel Cormier or the previous generation of boxers like Alistair Overreem, Junior Dos Santos, Stipe Miocic have shown the bravery of a technical punch, smart, hard-headed and comprehensive.

Although, compared to the body, Stipe Miocic is still inferior to Jon Jones in stride (80 inches compared to 84 inches of Jones).

However, the firefighter from Cleveland has much better Boxing skills and stamina than the boxers who made it difficult for Jon Jones like Dominick Reyes, Thiago Santos or Alexander Gustafsson.

Although confident, but to be able to face Jon Jones, Stipe Miocic still needs to ensure the No. 1 position in his heavyweight, ahead of Daniel Cormier ahead at UFC 252 here.

In addition, there is another boxer waiting to compete for the title of “The Predator” Francis Ngannou – the boxer who failed before Stipe is anxious to revenge. On the Jones side, the heavyweight champion has not reappeared since UFC 247 with controversial results against Dominick Reyes. Currently, President Dana White has not revealed any plans for him this year.

Boxing stars

Terence Crawford decided to change his life by eating bullets in the head

Having nearly died of gambling at a young age, Terence “Bud” Crawford was determined to change his lifestyle and become a world champion.

This story took place in 2008 in the city of Omaha, where Crawford lives. He was only 20 years old. His life is quite stable, he has just won the 4th career career. His opponent is an unknown fighter and takes place at a small gym, but most champions have a very normal start.

On that day, Crawford should have been to the gym. But because of his youthful thinking, the American boxer decided to hide and play gambling with a group of friends. After several consecutive winning games, Crawford decided to pick up the money and go home, a very wise decision. However, what happened next became an unforgettable moment for American boxers.

The 9mm bullet fired from the handgun went through the rear window of the car and slipped across the right cheekbone of the fist. The thug that fired Crawford didn’t really mean to shoot him, but pointed a gun at another card player running toward the Crawford.

Although the bullet was not stuck in Crawford’s head, his wound was still very serious and caused heavy bleeding. Field investigators have stated that if the bullet’s trajectory was not deviated by the windshield, it would have been able to pin the puncher’s brain.

Though unable to think clearly, Omaha’s pride drove himself to the hospital and phoned his mother, Deborah and his coach, Brian McIntyre. Terence Crawford recounted a phone call between him and the coach: “Hey, what are you doing, I was shot in the head.”

After 5 hours of minor surgery, the American fist was allowed to leave the hospital. While lying in the waiting room, seeing the people around him bleeding from the violence on the street and possibly losing his life in his hospital bed made the 20-year-old boxer see himself again.

A few months later, Crawford’s son was born. This made his determination to change his life even stronger. Boxing is no longer just a hobby but a ticket for him and his family to have a warm and safer life. On November 8, 2008, Crawford won his fifth career.

It has been nearly 12 years since that near death, Terence Crawford has devoted all his time to Boxing. “Bud” leaderboard is currently 36-0. He owns the Wter weight Welterweight belt together with the Light Welterweight WBC, WBO, WBA, IBF and The Ring belts. The old bullet can be seen as a wake-up call to help Crawford break the habit of gambling, but if he misses a few millimeters, the world has lost a talent.

Boxing rules

How to calculate scores in boxing? (Part 2)

The player who wins the match is determined by the total number of correct moves counted in the matches, the player with the most accurate moves is the winner.

The athlete wins the opponent K.O when launching a valid attack that makes the opponent unable to continue playing after 10 counts of the referee (10 seconds).

Win due to the difference in qualifications

If the chief supervisor after consulting with the members of the Supervisory Board believes that the electronic scoring machine with 15 points difference between the two contestants, the match may be terminated to prevent a contestant from getting unnecessary attacks.

He reserves the right to stop the game by knocking on the gong or other means, consulting the referees and, as a result, declares “Corner X is the winner of the RSC”.

If a contestant is disqualified, that contestant is the winner. If both contestants are disqualified, the decision will be announced. Disqualified players are not allowed to win any prizes, medals, trophies, or rankings of the whole tournament.

The law of count-back in amateur boxing

There are 5 referees who participate in the scoring in each amateur boxing match, but only the scores of the 3 most equal referee judges are selected to calculate the final score.

When the final score is still the same (as 18-18 in the super heavyweight finals at the 2012 London Olympics for example), the score from the 2 referees will be eliminated, and the remaining referee’s score is the final score.

In the event that the score remains a tie, the highest and lowest scores of the referees in the corner of the green and red ring will be removed. If the score is still flat, the 5 referees will meet together to vote on the winner and the loser.

Above are the basic rules of calculating score in boxing. We hope the information is useful for you.

Boxing rules

How to calculate scores in boxing? (Part 1)

In each round, Assessment will award points based on the athletes’ punches. To score each attack, that attack is not blocked or protected and must hit the target with the correct contact area of ​​the glove, which must hit the front of the head or body from the waist up.

Cross attacks (Swings) hitting exactly as above are also counted. The value of body armor attacks will be assessed at the end of the body armor between the athletes and depending on the number of attacks the majority of that contestant.

Non-scoring attacks

Offenses (below the waist, nape, kick, etc.) or by the side, the back of the glove, the glove, or any other part outside the area of ​​the glove Five fingers (valid contact area), touching the body without the force of the shoulder or body, hitting with the arm.

Grading method

A score decision is set, and the inspector pushes the buttons that are instructed to allow the contestant to have accurate and valid strokes. Basically, accurate attacks and other information are recorded and calculated automatically by the scoring machine. A participant will receive a score if the player has received at least 3 of the 5 assessments who press the button for that participant.

A participant will be awarded points if the attack is valid for at least 3 out of 5 judges who press the button. There are attacks that are not enough. 3 Appraisal button presses for example only 2 button press assessments will also be saved by the scoring machine.

This is the basis for determining which athletes win if at the end of the match the score of two contestants is equal, based on the information on the scoring machine, it is calculated that the athlete has many combined moves. more rules.

If the two contestants are still equal, the 5 judges will decide the winner based on Article 17.3.3 (All competitions must specify the winning player and in friendly matches between the two countries can have draw) by pressing the appropriate button.

Boxing stars

Top 5 female boxers at ONE Championship (Part 2)

2. Angela Lee

Joining the MMA ONE Championship since 2015, winning the first championship title in mid-2016, the ONE Atomweight queen Angela Lee only had to fail when she stepped up to the bigger weight to challenge the champion.

In turn, the famous names of the Asian arena such as Mei Yamaguchi, Istela Nunes, Jenny Huang, etc. were all on the list of defeated generals of the queen “Unstoppable”.

Angela Lee always has a way to control her opponent with excellent BJJ skills, even if they are world-class counterparts. However, Angela Lee is not uncommon with good quality plays.

Crowned world champion at the age of 19, Angela held the record for the youngest champion in mixed martial arts history until her younger brother Christian Lee broke this record in mid-2019.

Possessing both talent and beauty, it is not surprising that Angela Lee became the leading advertising face for ONE Championship. Having just defended the belt successfully at ONE: CENTURY in Japan, Angela Lee promises to continue to offer outstanding matches for the audience in the upcoming 2020.

3. Xiong Jing Nan

Born as a professional boxer, the female Strawweight champion Xiong Jing Nan is an excellent boxer in the doubles.

By attacking aggressively, Xiong rarely gives her opponents a chance to catch the pace of the game. “The Panda” is often in a position to stalk opponents around the cage and then move forward with heavy attacks, similar to the way Xiong defeated Tiffany Teo – another Boxing champion – at the Women’s Strawweight Championship match.

After missing the opportunity to compete with Atom Lee’s Atomweight belt at ONE: CENTURY Japan recently, it is likely that “Panda” will return to the work of dominating the weight of the Strawweight that she is doing unfinished. So far, Xiong Jing Nan has made 3 defending belts, respectively against Laura Balin, Samara Santos Cunha, and Angela Lee.

4. Rika Ishige

Possessing a cute personality, friendly attitude and above all, impressive performances on the stage, Rika Ishige – 2-year-old Thai-Japanese female boxer won the hearts of her fans soon.