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UFC Boot 251: The most beautiful KO victories of Jorge Masvidal

At UFC 251, “Jesus street” Jorge Masvidal will be on the upper side with mid-level champion UFC Kamaru Usman. More specifically, Masvidal accepted this match in less than 10 days after the news that Gilbert Burns had COVID-19.

Over the past few years, Jorge Masvidal has emerged as an undefeated force in the UFC semi-middleweight category. The fighting style is somewhat crazy with the scary KO ability that helped him win a big position in the audience.

Having played for UFC since 2013, but Jorge Masvidal only truly became the superstar of the tournament after KO Darren Till and Ben Askren. Since then, Masvidal has become one of the hottest names in UFC.

Despite not having an impressive long winning streak, in the last 3 matches, Masvidal defeated KO / TKO on all opponents. The hard chin and the recent innovation in style have helped Jorge Masvidal to become UFC’s BMF champion

Following the successes, let’s take a look at the three most recent KO victories of Jorge “Gamebred” Masvidal, also known under the name “Jesus of the Street”.

Jorge Masvidal vs Darren Till

Masvidal, then an 11thweight fighter Welterweight UFC, surprisingly knocked out “Darren Till” Darren Till at UFC on ESPN +5.
UFC on ESPN +5 would have been quite a boring event and lacked highlights without the appearance of Jorge Masvidal and Darren Till.

Jorge Masvidal (11th) has been considered a dead for UFC on ESPN +5 when facing the 3rd ranked player in the Welterweight UFC Darren Till. However, latch to make miracles.

Right in the first half, the “white savage” has plunged into the hash to fill the pitch, continuously having 2 knock down – takedown success. However, Jorge Mavisdal has “survived” successfully by handling alertness and dexterity. In the second half, Jorge Masvisdal suddenly created a mutation. After an extremely stance change “brain hack”, he successfully plugged the left hook into Darren Till’s face. The subsequent punch quickly made the “white savage” lie still on the floor waiting for the referee to intervene.

Jorge Masvidal vs Ben Askren

Entering UFC 239, Jorge Masvidal confronted Ben Askren – former ONE Championship champion and Bellator. In the pose of an underdog fighter. Damien Maia was once controlled by the BJJ skill, many viewers have said that Jorge Masvidal will face difficulties in the famous Wrestler like Ben Askren.

However, T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas was nearly exploded in the first seconds of the match, Ben Askren rushed into the gap in the middle of Jorge Masvidal sent a flying pillow – the hit to hit the chin of “Funky ”Caused Askren to fall immediately in the 5th second of the match. Winning the knockout for Jorge Masvidal.

Jorge Masvifal vs Nate Diaz

Just in the match, Jorge Masvidal immediately took advantage, Masvidal’s punches and kick-kick combo made Nate Diaz’s right eye bleed. Although standing up thanks to the referee and having an extra phase, Nate Diaz still let Masvidal take advantage of the score.

In the second half of the match, Masvidal continued to dominate Nate Diaz and knocked down this bully fist no matter how hard Diaz has a chin. Immediately after the end of the third period, the referee had to intervene and decided to stop the match because Nate Diaz had a big cut – the result of a series of punches and punches of Jorge Masvidal. “Jesus street” became the UF BMF champion ever since.


ONE Championship is about to return

CEO Chatri Sityodtong said he had carefully planned a booming comeback after the world health crisis COVID-19.

The past few months have marked a sad moment for sports all over the world. Due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, most sporting events around the world have been postponed or even canceled. Martial arts tournaments are no exception. However, in recent days, several sporting events have begun to return to the fans.

The famous American MMA UFC quickly returned to the track last month. Meanwhile, to ensure absolute safety for everyone, ONE Championship has not officially operated normally.

However, the ONE Championship has a thorough plan for an explosive comeback after the world health crisis. Accordingly, ONE Championship has completed the last round of funding and will definitely return to fans this summer.

The financial base is stable, so at the moment, CEO Sityodtong is in discussions with government employees and health experts from China, Thailand and Singapore to return to the track as quickly as possible. Upon completion of the plan, Sityodtong intends to speed up ONE’s schedule. In the second half of 2020, they will organize as many matches as possible cautiously.

The last ONE Championship event took place on February 28. So far, the operation schedule of this organization has been delayed for more than 3 months. Although it seems slower than the opponent UFC, but actually, this is a more cautious step of ONE.

UFC returned to the track a few months earlier than competitors like Bellator, Invicta, or Professional Fighters League (PFL). Bellator has not yet announced the official return date. Invicta announced their latest program will take place on July 2 after a 5-month break. The Professional Fighters League has canceled the entire 2020 season and will return next year.

The CEO of ONE Championship does not seem worried that he will “run after” rivals. Sityodtong’s cautious attitude towards ONE’s return is suitable for the Asian market at the moment.

ONE Championship organizes competitions throughout the Pacific Rim and Asia. By the end of 2019, ONE’s martial arts events have appeared in nine countries. Each country has its own public health concerns, has different requirements for athletes’ visa issues, and has higher governing bodies beyond the sports commission.


Conor McGregor praised the UFC for its aggressive organization of the tournament

Former UFC weight 2 champion, Conor McGregor recently praised the UFC for successfully organizing the event in just 8 days.

Coming back to the audience after the COVID-19 season with the UFC 249 event on May 9, UFC became the first major sports tournament to hold the event since the whole of America was in a state of home isolation. . During the event, Justin Gaethje defeated Tony Ferguson to become UFC’s next lightweight interim champion. This victory also gave Gaethje an official title match somewhere around September.

Half a week later, on May 13, UFC resumed a Fight Night event with the sudden victory of General Glover Teixeira against “Anthony Young Lion”. On May 16, another Fight Night was held. “Old General” Alistair Overeem was a spectacular comeback against Walt Harris.

Contrary to many opposing views that the UFC has been stubborn when organizing three consecutive events during the season, Conor McGregor praised Dana White’s support.

“UFC is back tonight! It’s wonderful!” – Conor McGregor posted on twitter. “3 shows in a row without any problems. Only one team was positive but it was discovered before causing any serious infection. For sports! For school! For business! Let’s play!”.


Currently, the ability to play of Conor McGregor is also left open because the Irish superstar is also executing an isolation order in his home country. However, with the expression of Conor McGregor, it can be seen that the former UFC king is also very “itchy” and wants to return to play.

However, the ability to return to light to play of Conor McGregor is also doubtful. In recent times, with the exception of the title match against Khabib and Eddie Alvarez, Conor MCGregor seems to be more active in the middle class. He even challenged Jorge Masvidal, a semi-middle star at the moment.

Boxing stars

Manny Pacquiao’s COVID-19 test results are available

After the incident of inviting a Senator party infected with COVID-19 Pimentel Koko, Manny Pacquiao conducted the isolation of the family and tests.

Pacquiao and his family received a letter requesting isolation after a recent exposure to a COVID-19 infected person. Recently, however, Manny Pacquiao reassured people with the latest test results.

Manny Pacquiao declared: “My fellow countrymen, I want to make it clear that even before I received a letter from the village head of Dasmarinas, Mrs. Rossana Hwang, I began to isolate myself at home.

Đã có kết quả xét nghiệm COVID-19 của Manny Pacquiao

Please do not worry. I received a quick test kit from my friends in Korea. These are tools that have been licensed for use in Korea. They gave a negative result. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has not approved them, but these are things that have been used for testing in Korea”.

In addition, Senator Manny Pacquiao also expressed his determination to fight the epidemic frontline: “The rapidly increasing number of infected people worldwide has led to facilities to test kits. I was encouraged to come back for a test at RITM (Tropical Medicine Research Institute), but I wanted to let everyone know that I didn’t feel any symptoms come on”.

Đã có kết quả xét nghiệm COVID-19 của Manny Pacquiao

It would be a completely different conversation when he felt something was strange in his  body. He was willing to test it for the sake of his family and his country, but he would follow the procedure, he believed that there were more people who need to be tested than he was, Pacquiao shared.

The outbreak of coronavirus has killed more than 30,000 people worldwide but Pacquiao earlier stated that he was not afraid to die in the fight against the pandemic: “You have to lead and let people see that you are with you them, “Pacquiao said. “You can’t hide for fear of dying. I grew up from poverty. I know what they (the poor) feel.”