Franchise champion – the new joke of WBC

If you’ve ever heard of franchised chains, franchised cafes, then with WBC, you’ll have a “Franchise Champion”.

Recently, WBC shocked the Boxing world by honoring the defending champion Canelo Alvarez with the new title: “Franchise Champion”. It would probably not be worth anything if WBC didn’t decide to bring Jermall Charlo from the position of interim champion to the official WBC champion – the position that belongs to Canelo Alvarez. It can be said that WBC has stripped Canelo Alvarez of the championship with a new title that makes no sense.

Nhà vô địch nhượng quyền, trò đùa mới của WBC

Franchise champion is a new initiative, a special position that WBC is for current world champion. Franchise champion is an outstanding martial artist who has achieved much success as well as devoted to Boxing.

The WBC side added: “With 2/3 of the votes agreed from the WBC board, WBC can assign a weight champion to each class. The franchise champion will benefit. and responsibility for WBC, the franchise champion will also hold many titles, and the upper house to compete for the championship of other organizations, as well as be able to take a position on the board. of WBC. WBC chose Alvarez for his achievements”.

WBC also said that this is not an unilateral decision of this organization, but it has received a consensus from Canelo’s side, regardless of this decision, Canelo from the position of having 3 championship belts. MBA (Super), WBC and IBF, currently only have 2 championship titles, namely WBA (Super) and IBF.

Nhà vô địch nhượng quyền, trò đùa mới của WBC

More importantly, the title of the franchise champion is also not in contention, meaning that Canelo will always be the WBC champion without having to defend his title. But with the new title more noble than the world championship, the bonuses of title competitions in WBC may also change significantly. Specifically, if a fighter defeated Canelo, WBC could promise them a world title match – a belt less valuable than the current Canelo franchise title.

This can be considered as a tricky and greedy game of WBC. Not only is the move to keep Canelo, cases like Andy Ruiz defeated Anthony Joshua and destroyed the entire sharing system, the organization’s broadcast communication will not happen to WBC, at least when Canelo is no longer Hold the championship belt.

The challengers around Canelo’s golden egg-laying chicken no longer had any reason to touch the franchise champion when Canelo gave up the WBC belt. No matter where you win or not, at CanCBC, Canelo is completely protected. Now at WBC, Canelo only has to pay attention to big games, matches that really benefit WBC.

To be fair, this is the move of WBC to hold Canelo in promoting the image of the organization. This is also a good move for Canelo when WBC also hinted that Canelo can hold important positions in the WBC organization. Meaning that even when retired, Canelo can affect Boxing to a certain extent.