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Coach Canelo Alvarez targets defending WBC champion Jermall Charlo

After the recent achievements, the brother of Charlo’s twins – Jermall Charlo was finally noticed by Canelo Alvarez’s team.

Currently, when the name of medium-sized boxing superstar Canelo Alvarez is caught in a lawsuit with the management company Golden Boy Promotions and TV channel DAZN, his team also has a headache in finding a worthy opponent.

“Worthyā€¯ here is not only in terms of popularity but also the qualifications, in particular, it must be a star that the US market is ready to welcome. Because, even a champion like Sergey Kovalev – Russian puncher could not make DAZN satisfied.

And in response to this plan, Canelo coach Eddie Reynoso is aiming for an emerging name – Jermall Charlo, WBC mid-range champion.

In fact, Jermall Charlo has stood at the WBC throne since 2018 and repeatedly called the name Canelo Alvarez. At the time, however, Canelo was still pursuing a confrontation with Gennady Golovkin and new signings, with no regard for a new name like Charlo.

But that was the past, when now Jermall Charlo has gradually asserted his position with 31 wins (22 knockouts) after his first Pay-per-views event in September.

Jermall has excellently overcame veteran puncher Sergiy Derevyanchenko – who once made Gennady Golovkin difficult to overcome 12 matches. With this victory, his brother Charlo proved himself not a boxer as before.

“Charlo has started to get bigger than before, he’s gradually improving.” Commented Eddie Reynoso. “It may be an important game, but it should be next year.”

This time when Canelo was busy with a lawsuit, it was difficult for the Mexican boxer to get back to the middle class immediately – where he had played in over a year. Therefore, in order for Canelo to fully focus on the match, Eddie Reynoso believes that 2021 is the most appropriate time.

“I don’t think we can get Canelo back to 160lbs after a year of not playing right away, there are a lot of factors at play right now.” – The Mexican coach confirmed.

Eddie Reynoso said Canelo Alvarez in addition to handling his lawsuit, is still maintaining training at the club every day to be ready to return to the past whenever possible. The biggest condition for Canelo to return, is a worthy, valuable opponent and an event full of audience – which Jermall Charlo can satisfy.