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The ring: Where weirdos shape the whole discipline (Part 2)

Muhammad Ali: Illusionist, arrogant and arrogant

Many people mistakenly believe that Muhammad Ali is famous for his “playing like a butterfly and punching like a bee”, but in fact, the person who shaped this style first was Joe Gans – the ancestor of Jab. What Muhammad Ali influenced boxing was the media.

Before Ali, the fighters could only fight until they were competing, while Cassius Clay (Ali’s name in the past) knew how to pump trashtalk to the top. Shortly after defeating the legendary old man near the fifties of Archie Moore, young Cassius Clay began a slandering campaign, cursing the great champion Sonny Liston at the time. Initially, the audience was interested in Clay’s madness, but for a long time, they were fed up and “begged” Liston to “close the boy’s mouth”. Ali won the competition for himself like that.

Võ đài: Nơi những kẻ lập dị định hình cả bộ môn

Ali’s huge ego from something obnoxious suddenly became his own attraction. That bragging nature was what made him brave enough to forget all the scary opponents before him. The ego is so big that he talks to himself, makes him “deluded” himself until he reaches the peak he aims from the beginning.

Juan Manuel Marquez: Blind faith and a sip of urine every day

Before Manuel Marquez, Boxing Mexico is just a traditional style of taking back and returning, after Marquez, the Mexican-style world dodges Counter like Canelo, Mexico changes angle to create angles like Leo Santa Cruz. In other words, the hybrid style that combines traditional Mexican crazy style and Marquez’s high-speed counter style inspired many later punchers. Currently, there are almost no Mexican champions pursuing the classic Mexican style, all of which have been greatly improved.

Võ đài: Nơi những kẻ lập dị định hình cả bộ môn

Great is that, but few know that Manuel Marquez has an absolute belief in urine. Manuel Marquez believes that the first urine contains a lot of the nutrients that the body has missed, so he needs to filter the body again. Even when he was famous, when he was at the peak with a lot of money in his account, Marquez still kept this strange habit even though he could afford to spend all the functional foods needed. Without this special “therapy”, Marquez would not be able to be confident in the ring.

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The ring: Where weirdos shape the whole discipline (Part 1)

Eccentric, the term used to talk about anomalies, sporadic individuals with erratic personalities, but in the professional arena, eccentricity is a “sign” of an outstanding individual.

“Eccentric” is the term used to refer to the individual, sporadic acts of some individuals in society, it refers to a part of the personality, unusual style, peculiar interests, too unique and contrasting with the normal social norm. People who have this behavior are often noticed and are considered to be weirdos.

Võ đài: Nơi những kẻ lập dị định hình cả bộ môn

Meanwhile, “genius” are outstanding people with vision and insights ahead of their time. So, are the most eccentric people geniuses with the strangest worldview?

In the history of martial arts, more specifically boxing, there is no shortage of talented people who have made a tremendous impact on the development of this discipline. But there is a special thing that talented people come and go, people who change the face of martial arts always have an eccentric personality.

Joe Gans: Boxers are afraid of spanking and thinking beyond the times

At the end of bare-handed and early-boxing boxing, boxing developed with typical Irish fighting. Due largely to the influence of bare-handed boxing and the quality of the early gloves, the fighters also wore the thought of fighting KO opponents. Even the scoring system of boxing was still very vague and vague, so the boxer became more dependent on KO.

Võ đài: Nơi những kẻ lập dị định hình cả bộ môn

However, with Joe Gans, it is different, instead of focusing on strength like the predecessors, Joe Gans chose to develop competition tactics to search for KO. Because of this unique way of thinking, Joe Gans accidentally became the father of the modern Boxing style. Who would have thought that the crazy idea from a weak boxer in fear of being hit would shape the whole sport like boxing?