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Why is footwork of boxing and MMA more flowery than footwork kickboxing? (Part 2)

Footwork of Kickboxing and Muay Thai

Although not clearly shown, it would be wrong if you think that Kickboxing and Muay Thai do not have footwork. Only one thing, the use of footwork of Kickboxing and Muay Thai if 100% copied from Boxing will cause users to trouble for one reason only: the kicks to break the tower.

In the early days of Kickboxing, when the rules of the game still did not allow kicks from below the hips, the Kickboxing footwork was as colorful as Boxing. However, since the legendary Muay Kietsongrit crushed Rick Roufus with the turret break, the world has realized the benefits of this technique. Of course, using footwork to dazzle your opponent has become too dangerous since the world knew low kick.

In current Kickboxing and Muay Thai, the footwork is more careful and safer. Footwork is also used to find favorable angles, but usually, Kickboxing – Muay Thai boxers have to preempt their opponents before turning corners.

The main reason, Kickboxing has more legs, a weapon much stronger than the hands. A hit of the kick does more damage than a punch, that’s unquestionable. That is not to mention that if you depend on the footwork, a fighter will quickly lose all their weapons to fight if they meet a good turret breaker.

It can be said that the ornate footwork is not suitable on the Kickboxing ring when kicks and tower breakers appear. However, saying Kickboxing and Muay Thai do not have footwork is completely wrong.

MMA’s footwork

It’s hard to say that MMA is a martial art where even martial artists from the same training house can still have different backgrounds. MMA, in other words, is a competitive mode open to all martial arts to compete. And to survive in the MMA ring, boxers have to upgrade themselves with different martial arts. In it, the most significant difference must be mentioned the ground game (battle field).

However, despite such an open set of rules, MMA fighters have a better chance of performing their footwork because MMA fighters are in a state of guard against takedowns by their opponents. Pure striking elements are relative when grappling is always present in every MMA match. For this reason, even when seeing the opportunity to “break” the opponent, the MMA boxers are also very cautious about whether it is a takedown trap.

Another reason that few people will admit, MMA boxers will never reach the striking level of the Boxer and Kickboxer, who spend their whole life playing striking, because striking is not. the only content that MMA fighters have to pay attention to. Therefore, the ability to recognize love and seize striking opportunities for MMA boxers is not as sharp as Kickboxers and Boxers of the same level.

Therefore, capturing the moves of Dominich Cruz and Tj Dillashaw becomes an impossible task. Especially when both of these stars are ranked wrestlers. They are all likely waiting for a kick-in to do a pick-in shoot.