Why is leg lock considered evil by the BJJ world?

BJJ is a martial art known for its grip. However, the leg lock moves are stigmatized by most dojo and tournament. Below are the reasons why leg lock is always considered an evil move by BJJ.

Although it is famous for its locking moves, especially with foot locks, many BJJ dojo do not allow students to use it until they reach the green belt level. In most youth tournaments, leg lock is also considered a ban.

1. Leg lock causes more dangerous injuries

The legs are usually less flexible than the arms, but the legs are much stronger than the arms because it is the place to support the weight of the entire body. Because of that element of inflexibility, the feet will be more damaged when facing the crunches, twisting joints.

Because the leg joints have a limited range of motion, leg locks often have far greater consequences than comparable hand locks.

2. The pain doesn’t come right away

Such a dangerous foot lock, but the pain does not come immediately for the fighter to recognize and tap in time. Therefore, the body has to suffer more damage before the boxer is aware of the pain and has to tap for goods.

Not to mention that for new boxers, the personality is still aggressive, sometimes trying to escape, making the injury worse. Ego is the most dangerous thing in BJJ.

3. New students easily sacrifice position when hitting leg lock

For the gurus, no matter what technique they use, they can hold good positions. But for new students, the greed to kill an opponent that easily makes them lose their position and balance.

The legs are in the opponent’s guard area, if the student does not try to hold his position but quickly find the leg lock. Chances are, the student will sacrifice all of his or her advantageous positions without achieving anything.

Actually, leg lock is not the most dangerous technique of BJJ. The most dangerous thing in BJJ is your ego. New students often have a big ego, so dojo schools often prohibit the removal of leg locks on white belts so that these students do not harm themselves with their own egos.

Not to mention the reason that the masters do not want to teach students to leg lock early is also because they get the students to get used to the position control, which is the core of BJJ. Good position control is aimed at locking moves.

After all, leg lock is not a heresy. It’s just the powerful weapon you need to have all the qualities to use.