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Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr: Who is richer before the battle?

Let’s look at the property of two heavy boxing village monuments before the end of the match on November 29.

The return of Mike Tyson in the match against Roy Jones Jr this weekend, essentially does not bring many elements of expertise because of the limited competition rules. The audience simply wants to see what two monuments of the world boxing village will look like when they confront each other on the ring.

With Mike Tyson, it’s been nearly 30 years since the American boxer shook the boxing world with his quick knockout victories.

During his heyday, Mike Tyson raked in about $ 430 million in compensation for all of his matches, making him one of the most expensive boxers in the world. In particular, the confrontation with Lennox Lewis in 2000 was the biggest revenue match when Mike brought in nearly $ 150 million.

If calculated by the rate of inflation, Mike’s total tournament compensation is about $ 700 million at the present time (the figure is estimated by Celebritynetworth). This number is still not easy to achieve, whether it is the current top stars such as Canelo Alvarez, Tyson Fury or Anthony Joshua.

However, after the bankruptcy shock of the early 2000s and the financial revival of recent years, Mike Tyson’s net worth was estimated at only $ 3 million. The former American boxer has a company that produces and sells cannabis-related products with a revenue of about 500 thousand dollars per month.

Mike’s is currently busy with his own company.

It was with Mike Tyson – one of the biggest monuments in the boxing world, and what about his rival Roy Jones Jr?

Not as famous as Mike Tyson, but Roy Jones Jr is also considered one of the most successful punchers in the world with the title of world champion in 4 different weight categories.

In addition to boxing competition, Roy Jones Jr is also known for his music projects and owns a company promoting his own martial arts – Roy Jones Jr Promotions. The business activities help the 51-year-old boxer keep a net worth of about 5 million dollars to date.


Tyson Fury revealed the ridiculous amount of money offered by Mike Tyson

Heavyweight WBC champion Tyson Fury revealed why the match between him and the American legend could not be played, even if it was just a performance.

Since the announcement of his re-export to the ring, even with an exhibition bout, Mike Tyson has made the martial arts village curious about his upcoming opponent. From former rival Evander Holyfield to MMA Wanderlei Silva’s “Ax Hammer Assassin”, all are mentioned.

Among them, heavyweight champion WBC Tyson Fury is one of the most prominent names. As an English boxer, owner of the most prestigious boxing ring, Fury is a better choice for Mike Tyson’s return on the ring.

However, this idea was soon suppressed when Tyson Fury revealed he was only receiving ridiculous offers for the match. When the bonus ratio between the two sides is extremely large.

“When Mike Tyson’s men contacted me, he and I had a talk on the phone. It’s true, it’s just impossible to come to an agreement. ” – Tyson Fury confirmed.

“They offered some money to Mike, and came back to offer me a tiny amount. While Mike said to me as if he got 500 million dollars, the numbers on paper are like a joke”. In the end, nothing came out. I was offered $ 10 million by ESPN for a performance match, but that’s all and everyone goes home”.

Besides, Tyson Fury also said that money is not the only reason he refused to take the call with Mike Tyson. What Fury is afraid of is that being able to be “knocked” by an old boxer like Mike will greatly affect the image of a champion still in position.

However, based on information from Tyson Fury, it can be seen that Mike Tyson’s return is in progress. The audience may soon see the scariest punch in heavy history back in the ring in the near future.

Boxing Boxing stars

Why did Mike Tyson propose to move the match with Roy Jones to the end of the year

Mike Tyson’s team is still hoping that one day the US, COVID-19 will be safe again.

Legendary Mike Tyson recently signed a contract with another Boxing legend, Roy Jones Jr in September. However, recently, this match was postponed until November 28. Mike Tyson’s team believes that rescheduling this match will help the event maximize revenue.

As expected, Mike Tyson will face Roy Jones Jr. in a friendly match that did not focus on win-lose and lasted 8 innings. The match is scheduled to be held at Dignity Health Park, California without spectators. Mike Tyson’s team said that resigning the match at the end of the year would give the event a chance to hold a live ticket sale instead of having to fight ‘run’ as originally planned. 

Another problem that happens during negotiation is the competition helmet. The California State Sports Commission (CSAC), which licensed the match, asked two veterans to wear helmets during the match, making this friendly match a “colorful sparring”, At least according to the insiders. 

In addition, the delay of the 3-month schedule has even helped Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. There is more time to prepare. Whether accidentally or intentionally, the new schedule is exactly 12 weeks away from the present – the most ideal time to prepare for a match. This issue also caused the Roy Jones side to question:  “Will Mike Tyson suddenly lose blood and rush to attack so hard to look for KO?”

Mr. Andy Fosster, CEO of CSAC initially said:  “This is not a match where the two are going to try to kill each other. They just go in there, move, and then show the fans to the fans. only statue”. However, if Mike Tyson suddenly “went crazy” like he used to play, Roy Jones could not turn to Foster and say:  “Hey! Do something.” 

For that reason, although this is only a friendly match, the difference in weight rank and other technical risks, both punchers will still have to enter the friendly match with the same posture as the profession.

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Interesting stories behind the tattoo on Mike Tyson’s face (Part 2)

To a man full of fear

Scheduled to fight with Clifford Etienne in 2003, eight months after the defeat against Lennox Lewis. Mike Tyson, meanwhile, has shown a clear downward signal. Nothing was worth mentioning until just a few days before the match, Mike suddenly got excited to get a tattoo right on his face. For those who have tattooed, everyone will understand that, a skin is not dry ink is a very vulnerable skin.

Mike just revived after his KO defeat against Lewis, and he continued to throw away more than half of his chances of winning with an impromptu tattoo. Coach Jeff Fenech, who coached Mike during that time, said: “One day, I was waiting for him at the gym and Mike didn’t show up. When I came home, it would be 5 or 6 hours. There, Mike appeared.

I looked at the big tattoo that covered Mike’s face and said, “Mike, you can’t fight.” As far as I know, with the new tattoos that you punched, they would be very susceptible to infection, so I think he can’t fight. “

Freddie Roach also replaced Jeff to stand on the sidelines for Mike Tyson. Winning in 48 seconds, Mike didn’t know that this was the last victory in his illustrious career. Jeff Fenech continued: “Mike told me that he would not play, but then SHOWTIME threatened to sue him so Mike was forced to go on the radio and KO his opponent.”

Perhaps in a moment, Mike Tyson knows fear. 16-year-old Mike Tyson sobbed during his amateur match. A notorious Mike Tyson also went tattooed just to avoid a match. And that same Mike Tyson at the end of his career was ready to give up the game for a dove.

Mike Tyson is a sentimental person. It was something anyone could see in him. But in a way, he became a god on the stage. The biggest pity the world has for Mike Tyson is probably when he let the “Steel” Mike ego overwhelm his everyday sentimental person.

Boxing stars

Interesting stories behind the tattoo on Mike Tyson’s face (Part 1)

Only a special tattoo on the face that Mike Tyson has so many stories behind to tell. Fantasy yes, hidden corners, word of mouth … all just behind the tattoo on Mike Tyson’s face.

Besides the scary KO ability, the world championship belt, Mike Tyson is also known for his signature tattoo on his face. Sharing with the press, Mike Tyson said, Mike originally intended to tattoo the heart on his face because he wanted to be called “The Man of Hearts”, but the tattooist then suggested Export another idea.

Những câu chuyện thú vị đằng sau hình xăm trên mặt của Mike Tyson

It is the story of a broken person

MMA War Machine fighter, who was arrested for the violence of his ex-girlfriend, shared that he understood the meaning of the tattoo on Mike Tyson’s face.

While War Machine’s comments may sound like some kind of deduction at first, Mike Tyson has had a hard time. In his autobiography, Mike Tyson admitted he had suffered from major depression, crashed his car into a tree, and of course, he also hated himself. The time Mike Tyson got his tattoo on his face was also the time Mike met many events.

Những câu chuyện thú vị đằng sau hình xăm trên mặt của Mike Tyson

The story of an indomitable warrior

However, there is another story about Mike Tyson’s tattoo. In a documentary about Mike Tyson released in 2008, Mike Tyson said the tattoo on his face reflected his warrior spirit. It looks almost like a tattoo of a brave warrior in the Maori tribe, a warlike tribe in New Zealand. Mike Tyson explained, he hopes this tattoo will scare people (if not afraid of Mike’s fists).

When he heard that millions of fans also imitated the tattoo on Mike’s face, he happily said, “I love this tattoo. More than a million people have tattooed it, it seems like it has done one thing. Good! This is a good thing. “