The world’s No. 1 female Boxer Claressa Sheilds officially joined the MMA world

The appearance of a super quality glove like Claressa Sheilds will help the women’s MMA village more vibrant.

Recently, the MMA Professional Fighters League (PFL) announced the signature of the middle-class female boxer No. 1 Clarresa Sheilds, bringing the American fist to her under her command.

Claressa Sheilds (10-0 Boxing) currently holds 2 WBC and WBO championship titles below the middle, in 2019, she also completed the goal of unifying 4 prestigious championship belts while still playing in the middle class.

When she was an amateur, Claressa Sheilds achieved 77 wins – 1 loss with 2 Olympic gold medals in 2012 and 2016.

According to PFL information, Claressa Sheilds will make her tournament debut in 2021, however, the Sheilds will not immediately enter the championship qualifiers, but only start with a few warm-ups. This ensures that she can maintain parallel activities on the Boxing floor.

Compared with the world’s leading female boxers that still compete like Katie Taylor, Jessica McCaskill, Claressa Sheilds has the advantage of youth and has achieved all achievements on the 4-corner radio. This is a favorable premise for her to move towards new achievements on the MMA.

“Of course, I still need to learn playing skills on the floor, but I am only 24 years old and used to be an Olympic champion, I believe I can learn more” – Sheilds shared at the UFC 245 event in 2019. “I have shown how fast my hands are with 10oz gloves, if they give me 4oz gloves, they will have to call me Muhammad Ali.”

The presence of Claressa Sheilds makes the MMA world more interesting when currently, the MMA village is lacking big and attractive names.

In addition to champions in the UFC such as Amanda Nunes, Valentina Shevchenko or Weili Zhang, the female MMA world has only a few excellent names playing Cris Cybord and Kayla Harrison – 2 Judo Olympic gold medals are currently joining the Invicta FC.