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Accepting 25kg of young talent, MMA Nick Maximov still kills strong opponents for 3 innings

The bravery of young martial artist Nick Maximov received a lot of praise from UFC President Dana White.

This morning, November 18, a series of martial arts selection events for UFC – Dana White Contender Series (DWCS) officially ended the fourth season with 5 matches.

In particular, the most special confrontation is probably the heavy battle between the 1997 American born puncher, Nick Maximov and the experienced puncher Oscar Costa.

Entering the heavyweight match, Nick Maximov just went on the radio with a weight of 209lbs (94kg), which is close to the lowest level in this weight class (206lbs). In contrast, Oscar Costa weighed in at 263lbs (119kg), nearly hitting the ceiling with 265lbs of the heavyweight.

Handicap opponents to 25kg, this is probably the most difference in a modern UFC match (since the weight classification law came into existence in 2000).

However, that did not make Maximov falter against Costa, he continuously used the attacks and took advantage of the above to attack during 3 rounds.

Young boxers are not tired of the 25kg distance that uses wrestling owls. Oscar Costa’s massive weight and grumpy body were now a burden to him. Meanwhile, Maximov with the ability to control the arena easily throws the rice at the opponent.

Outstanding winning on all 3 assessment scores (30-26, 30-26, 29-28), Nick Maximov maintained a 6-match winning streak on the professional MMA floor, becoming the name of Dana White President attention.

The overwhelming victory helped Nick Maximov recorded a 6-match winning streak. Unfortunately, the efforts of Nick Maximov have not been able to help the young man get an official contract to play for the UFC. In return, Dana White announced he will get a spot in 2021 selection season – The Ultimate Fighter when the show returns.

In addition to Nick Maximov, the remaining 4 boxers who won at DWCS 36, JP Buys, Gloria de Paula, Tucker Lutz and Victoria Leonardo all won tickets to UFC, closing a successful DWCS season.

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Anderson Silva confirmed his retirement after the match with Uriah Hall

One of the greatest names in the MMA village in the world has decided on the end of his playing career.

Since his injury against Jared Cannonier at UFC 237, not much has been heard from the legendary Anderson Silva.

Sadly, when Dana White announced Anderson Silva’s next ride, the UFC president also said that this would be the Brazilian legend’s last match. Recently, the “Spider” also confirmed the arrival of October 31 (US time) at UFC on ESPN + 39 as its farewell.

“That was the last match.” Silva spoke of the upcoming confrontation with Uriah Hall. “For sure, I love this sport and have prepared myself mentally for it. I am ready for the match all my life and now is the time for the last one. ”

Anderson Silva confirmed the match against Uriah Hall was the final match.

So far, Anderson Silva has spent 23 years in a professional MMA competition since his first broadcast in 1997 at BFC 1. During this time, “Spider” has played a total of 45 matches (34 wins, 10 losses, 1 no result).

He participated in the most prestigious auction floors of generations of MMA fighters such as Shooto, PRIDE and UFC – which put Silva’s name on the superstar with the title of greatest fighter in the history of midsize.

“Maybe, I’ll miss the practice a lot.” – Silva shared. “Prepare your mind and body for each match. That is probably the most important thing and I will definitely be sad not to maintain it anymore. This will be the last time. ”

The audience will surely remember the stunning performances of “Spider” Silva at his peak.

Since the historic defeat to Chris Weidman at UFC 162, Anderson Silva has entered the ramps of his career with only 2 wins (1 later turned to zero when he was found to be banned).

Facing young martial artists, powerful fighting style, Silva still demonstrates the ultimate technique but no longer has absolute control as before. The most recent evidence is the match with Jared Cannonier, the crash of “Killa Gorilla” caused Silva’s knee injury to recur and had to stop playing for more than a year.


Why is footwork of boxing and MMA more flowery than footwork kickboxing? (Part 1)

Speaking of footwork, both boxing and MMA have talents with superior footwork, but why in the kickboxing and Muay Thai arenas, quick legs like “dancing” are not so popular?

In fact, footwork plays an important part in all fighting sports, from fencing to wrestling, footwork also plays a crucial role. However, sometimes due to the specificity of many martial arts, the footwork element does not appear too prominent in matches.

If in Boxing, the moves of Muhammad Ali or Lomachenko are always the focus of attention, then at MMA, Dominick Cruz and Tj Dillashaw are also martial artists who have successfully demonstrated footwork techniques. skillful. But why, in the Kickboxing – Muay Thai ring, it seems that no star can “dance” like that? Whether Kickboxing’s rules are more open than Boxing and more limited than MMA?

Boxing footwork

Due to the fact that the rules of the game are limited to the hands and they are not allowed to turn around and run, the boxers must ensure their ability to move in order not to violate the rules of the game while ensuring their own safety. For this reason, the importance of footwork in Boxing is pushed to the highest level. The higher the level, the more important footwork plays an important role besides speed, strength, and fitness.

Since the fighting rules only allow the use of the hand to attack, slashes, attacks, barbs are also not allowed. The technique of holding his head to hold dirty boxing is also prohibited, bringing a fist to the opponent’s face becomes more difficult than ever. In order to do that, the punchers only have to find uncomfortable angles to strike. To find a good angle, you have to move to that angle.

For moving punches like Lomachenko or Muhammad Ali, they all maximize their ability to find a good angle to be able to maximize the maximum efficiency of every punch.

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Shinya Aoki – The lockmaster of ONE Championship

If you name a fighter who can represent contemporary Asian MMA, the first name mentioned is none other than Shinya Aoki.

Born in a country with the most developed modern martial arts in Asia – Japan, Shinya Aoki is like many other students in this country starting with the traditional Judo martial arts. Excited about the Japanese martial arts and successively winning student tournaments, but Shinya Aoki had another passion that would later make him famous around the world – the lock-on techniques.

Shinya Aoki – Bậc thầy khóa siết của ONE Championship

Understanding the science, beauty, and effectiveness of locking techniques, Shinya Aoki continues to master his studies in many different martial arts and gradually attains mastery in Shoot Wrestling and Brazilian Jutsu. . 

Recognizing the stage so that he could show all his skills, Shinya Aoki quickly joined the booming MMA wave in Japan in the 2000s. DEEP, Shooto, Pride to DREAM – few would expect that the puncher born in 1983 went through more than 40 MMA matches when he just turned 30. At one point, Shinya Aoki had even completed 7 matches. in just 1 year 2008, a high frequency of competition in the early part of his career.

To explain this question about Shinya Aoki’s high competitiveness, there is probably only one appropriate answer: it is Shinya Aoki’s ultimate lock-on skill.

He may be slim, not too superior and even inferior to his competitors in terms of muscle strength, but in return, training experience in many different tightening disciplines with top lockers in Japanese MMA village such as Imanari, Yuki Nakai helped Shinya Aoki have the ability to survive perfectly against opponents who had such a fierce fighting style at that time. 

To talk about Shinya Aoki’s lock-in career in the MMA village, perhaps 28 out of 43 wins with key attacks is not enough. Not only does it have the number of times to finish off opponents with martial arts skills, but Shinya Aoki performs them in a variety of ways – especially rare locking moves like Gogoplata, which Aoki is the first. successfully used on the professional MMA floor. 

Clinging, knocking, controlling and ending the opponent, the ability to lock up has made Shinya Aoki a representative name for the Asian MMA village as well as the role model of a “small but martial” martial artist. MMA. And that is also the explanation for the nickname “Tobikan Judan” – “The master lock in the air”. 

Continuing to contribute to the world MMA village, Shinya Aoki joined the ONE Championship when the tournament just started. Here, Aoki continues to show his ultimate skill against punches from all over the world such as Kotetsu Boku, Arnaud Lepont, the young talents of the tournament such as Shannon Wiratchai, Ev Ting or the elders Eduard Folayang. At least one fall from Aoki’s key word skill.

As a representative of the Asian MMA village, once wearing the prestigious ONE Lightweight Championship title twice, Shinya Aoki is still an undeniable force in the world’s number one martial arts tournament. 

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Is Jorge Masvidal really avoiding the competition with Usman?

Suggesting a rematch with Nate Diaz while probably competing with Kamaru Usman, is there any evasion from Jorge Masvidal?

On the eve of UFC 249 in April, Jorge Masvidal and defending champion Welterweight Kamaru Usman challenged each other to appear at the event. In particular, the Nigerian champion accused Masvidal of not accepting to play despite still online claiming that he is “free-handed” and ready to confront anyone. 

Recently, Masvidal’s suggestion of a rematch with Nate Diaz has made his theory of dodging Usman a reality. Although at the present time, Masvidal is a boxer with achievements, popularity and has built up a gripping story with the champion.

Playing MMA since 2003 with nearly 50 times of the upper stage, only in 2019 did Masvidal’s name really reach the “world” status. Even during the first 7 years of joining UFC, “Gamebred” has not really won any competition. The BMF belt he earned when defeating Nate Diaz at UFC 244 was just a symbolic title. 

Therefore, Masvidal’s act of not promoting a fight with Usman was considered to be a dodge and wanted to cling to the temporary glory of the BMF title. Some even argue that the Miami-based puncher is afraid of losing and losing the position to try to build in 2019. 

“That’s strange. In the history of this sport, I have never seen anyone refuse to compete. The act of running away from that title fight is weird. ” – Leon Edwards, the boxer who is in the top of the belt at Welterweight said. “I know he’s a big name, but does everything say that he wants to be a champion? Therefore, it’s hard for me to understand this.”


Currently, the Welterweight class has the most potential UFC fighters. Besides Jorge Masvidal and Leon Edwards, another emerging name, Gilbert Burns, has just made the list.

Defeating the former King Tyron Woodley at UFC on ESPN 9 over the weekend, Gilbert Burns immediately rose to No. 1 on the Welterweight chart. The absolute overwhelming performance of “Durinho” helped him to win the 6th straight and the first opportunity to compete at UFC right before his eyes.


Is MMA really as cruel as people think?

Many people are still afraid of the brutality that this sport brings, but is MMA really dangerous for players as people think?

The following article will decipher the doubts about the security of MMA in your mind.

One of the deaths that led viewers to doubt the safety of the sport was the accident of boxer Sam Vasquez in 2007 on the official MMA arena. 

MMA có thật sự tàn bạo như mọi người vẫn nghĩ? - Ảnh 1.

Within 15 years of 1998, there were about 8 deaths on the floor that were thought to be related to MMA, but only 3 were to occur on the professional MMA arena. It is thought that until after the death of boxer Joao Carvalho in 2016, the number of deaths related to this discipline just turned 4.

Also from 1998 to 2011, there were 60 deaths in official boxing competitions, which is 15 times higher than that of professional MMA.

Also from 1998 to 2011, there were 60 deaths in the boxing competition, which is 15 times higher than that of professional MMA. Over the past 50 years between 1950 and 2007, Boxing fans witnessed more than 300 boxers dying from trauma especially in the head while this figure at MMA was only 4.

According to statistics, the rate of head and neck injuries for Boxing is 84%, which is also the highest among combat martial arts. 

The next order includes Karate accounting for 74% and the third is the MMA with an injury rate of only about 64%. According to statistics, the incidence of brain tremors in MMA is only about 4%, much lower than the 14% that Boxing brings.

MMA có thật sự tàn bạo như mọi người vẫn nghĩ? - Ảnh 3.

The incidence of injuries in MMA is higher than in Boxing matches, but the number of brain-related injuries in Boxing is twice as high as MMA.

Professor Shelby Karpman’s survey of 1181 MMA fighters and more than 500 boxing fighters showed that the incidence of injuries in MMA competition is higher than that of Boxing matches (59.4% compared to 49.8% ), but the number of brain-related injuries in Boxing has twice the rate of MMA (7.1% compared to 4.2%).

So why is the death rate and serious injury in MMA always lower than in other fighting martial arts?

In MMA, boxers don’t just use punches and kicks to take down opponents. In addition to those skills, boxers also use wrestling and locking techniques to win

It can be seen that almost all injuries or deaths in the official matches of MMA are always much lower than Boxing. Over the past 10 years, the number of people dying in boxing tournaments has been 15 times the number at MMA.

The reason for such difference is because in MMA, boxers do not only use punches and kicks to defeat opponents. In addition to those skills, boxers also use wrestling and locking techniques to win. 

This is one of the pretty good weapons to occupy safe positions, take down the enemy quickly but does not cause too much danger. Besides attacks, locking, the referee is always the one who appears in time to prevent unnecessary injuries.

The strict rules on the MMA arena both protect the safety of players, while ensuring an “open” environment for all participating disciplines.

Moreover, MMA always has strict rules in competition. 

Many people still think this is a free-spirited fighting game so there are no rules, but in fact the MMA tournaments comply with the strict rules. This is both to ensure the safety of the players and to create an “open” environment for all participating disciplines.

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Top 5 female boxers at ONE Championship (Part 3)

However, it was the same bloodline that made Rika not really have a happy childhood. As a child, she was often teased by her friends, from insults to pushing, bullying because Ishige has only half of Thai origin. According to the “Tiny Doll”, that is why she came to martial arts.

5. Bi Nguyen

The 29-year-old girl from Vietnam, Bi Nguyen, not only owns a bright face, good-looking, and also has proven herself through many competitions with formidable opponents in the ONE Championship arena. Having just joined ONE since April 2019, Bi Nguyen has participated in three matches, one turn with an experienced MMA fighter – Dwi Ani Retno Wulan, a Southeast Asian boxing champion – Bozhena Antoniyar, a former Queen of the Canopy of India – Pujar Tomar.

In the near future, on November 8, Bi Nguyen will remain in the ring with Stamp Fairtex, who holds the championship belt in both ONE Muay Thai and Kickboxing formats of the ONE Championship. The most special feature of Bi Nguyen is that she is not afraid to challenge herself against strong opponents.

Bi Nguyen has never been afraid to press the field, he was afraid to deploy an offensive game in order to create pressure on the opponent. It is very difficult to find a boxer, especially women, with enough stamina and determination to maintain an offensive posture during 3 rounds like her.

Pressure tolerance and the ability to overcome pressure is also a remarkable factor of Bi Nguyen. The Vietnamese-born girl was once forced into the yard, losing points in the first half of the match against former Indian Canopy King Pujar Tomar.

Being pressured, facing pressure from tens of thousands of home viewers watching directly, the burden on Bi Nguyen’s shoulders is not small at all. But with his bravery, Bi Nguyen still reverses the situation successfully. When Pujar Tomar was able to absorb the blow, Bi Nguyen actively pressed the field in the final seconds of the match before winning by a decision not to agree from the judge.