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Shinya Aoki – The lockmaster of ONE Championship

If you name a fighter who can represent contemporary Asian MMA, the first name mentioned is none other than Shinya Aoki.

Born in a country with the most developed modern martial arts in Asia – Japan, Shinya Aoki is like many other students in this country starting with the traditional Judo martial arts. Excited about the Japanese martial arts and successively winning student tournaments, but Shinya Aoki had another passion that would later make him famous around the world – the lock-on techniques.

Shinya Aoki – Bậc thầy khóa siết của ONE Championship

Understanding the science, beauty, and effectiveness of locking techniques, Shinya Aoki continues to master his studies in many different martial arts and gradually attains mastery in Shoot Wrestling and Brazilian Jutsu. . 

Recognizing the stage so that he could show all his skills, Shinya Aoki quickly joined the booming MMA wave in Japan in the 2000s. DEEP, Shooto, Pride to DREAM – few would expect that the puncher born in 1983 went through more than 40 MMA matches when he just turned 30. At one point, Shinya Aoki had even completed 7 matches. in just 1 year 2008, a high frequency of competition in the early part of his career.

To explain this question about Shinya Aoki’s high competitiveness, there is probably only one appropriate answer: it is Shinya Aoki’s ultimate lock-on skill.

He may be slim, not too superior and even inferior to his competitors in terms of muscle strength, but in return, training experience in many different tightening disciplines with top lockers in Japanese MMA village such as Imanari, Yuki Nakai helped Shinya Aoki have the ability to survive perfectly against opponents who had such a fierce fighting style at that time. 

To talk about Shinya Aoki’s lock-in career in the MMA village, perhaps 28 out of 43 wins with key attacks is not enough. Not only does it have the number of times to finish off opponents with martial arts skills, but Shinya Aoki performs them in a variety of ways – especially rare locking moves like Gogoplata, which Aoki is the first. successfully used on the professional MMA floor. 

Clinging, knocking, controlling and ending the opponent, the ability to lock up has made Shinya Aoki a representative name for the Asian MMA village as well as the role model of a “small but martial” martial artist. MMA. And that is also the explanation for the nickname “Tobikan Judan” – “The master lock in the air”. 

Continuing to contribute to the world MMA village, Shinya Aoki joined the ONE Championship when the tournament just started. Here, Aoki continues to show his ultimate skill against punches from all over the world such as Kotetsu Boku, Arnaud Lepont, the young talents of the tournament such as Shannon Wiratchai, Ev Ting or the elders Eduard Folayang. At least one fall from Aoki’s key word skill.

As a representative of the Asian MMA village, once wearing the prestigious ONE Lightweight Championship title twice, Shinya Aoki is still an undeniable force in the world’s number one martial arts tournament. 


ONE Championship is about to return

CEO Chatri Sityodtong said he had carefully planned a booming comeback after the world health crisis COVID-19.

The past few months have marked a sad moment for sports all over the world. Due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, most sporting events around the world have been postponed or even canceled. Martial arts tournaments are no exception. However, in recent days, several sporting events have begun to return to the fans.

The famous American MMA UFC quickly returned to the track last month. Meanwhile, to ensure absolute safety for everyone, ONE Championship has not officially operated normally.

However, the ONE Championship has a thorough plan for an explosive comeback after the world health crisis. Accordingly, ONE Championship has completed the last round of funding and will definitely return to fans this summer.

The financial base is stable, so at the moment, CEO Sityodtong is in discussions with government employees and health experts from China, Thailand and Singapore to return to the track as quickly as possible. Upon completion of the plan, Sityodtong intends to speed up ONE’s schedule. In the second half of 2020, they will organize as many matches as possible cautiously.

The last ONE Championship event took place on February 28. So far, the operation schedule of this organization has been delayed for more than 3 months. Although it seems slower than the opponent UFC, but actually, this is a more cautious step of ONE.

UFC returned to the track a few months earlier than competitors like Bellator, Invicta, or Professional Fighters League (PFL). Bellator has not yet announced the official return date. Invicta announced their latest program will take place on July 2 after a 5-month break. The Professional Fighters League has canceled the entire 2020 season and will return next year.

The CEO of ONE Championship does not seem worried that he will “run after” rivals. Sityodtong’s cautious attitude towards ONE’s return is suitable for the Asian market at the moment.

ONE Championship organizes competitions throughout the Pacific Rim and Asia. By the end of 2019, ONE’s martial arts events have appeared in nine countries. Each country has its own public health concerns, has different requirements for athletes’ visa issues, and has higher governing bodies beyond the sports commission.

Boxing stars

Top 5 female boxers at ONE Championship (Part 3)

However, it was the same bloodline that made Rika not really have a happy childhood. As a child, she was often teased by her friends, from insults to pushing, bullying because Ishige has only half of Thai origin. According to the “Tiny Doll”, that is why she came to martial arts.

5. Bi Nguyen

The 29-year-old girl from Vietnam, Bi Nguyen, not only owns a bright face, good-looking, and also has proven herself through many competitions with formidable opponents in the ONE Championship arena. Having just joined ONE since April 2019, Bi Nguyen has participated in three matches, one turn with an experienced MMA fighter – Dwi Ani Retno Wulan, a Southeast Asian boxing champion – Bozhena Antoniyar, a former Queen of the Canopy of India – Pujar Tomar.

In the near future, on November 8, Bi Nguyen will remain in the ring with Stamp Fairtex, who holds the championship belt in both ONE Muay Thai and Kickboxing formats of the ONE Championship. The most special feature of Bi Nguyen is that she is not afraid to challenge herself against strong opponents.

Bi Nguyen has never been afraid to press the field, he was afraid to deploy an offensive game in order to create pressure on the opponent. It is very difficult to find a boxer, especially women, with enough stamina and determination to maintain an offensive posture during 3 rounds like her.

Pressure tolerance and the ability to overcome pressure is also a remarkable factor of Bi Nguyen. The Vietnamese-born girl was once forced into the yard, losing points in the first half of the match against former Indian Canopy King Pujar Tomar.

Being pressured, facing pressure from tens of thousands of home viewers watching directly, the burden on Bi Nguyen’s shoulders is not small at all. But with his bravery, Bi Nguyen still reverses the situation successfully. When Pujar Tomar was able to absorb the blow, Bi Nguyen actively pressed the field in the final seconds of the match before winning by a decision not to agree from the judge.

Boxing stars

Top 5 female boxers at ONE Championship (Part 1)

The mixed martial arts arena may seem too harsh for female boxers, but it is from that harshness that the shadows of the boxers shine even more brightly. They not only prove themselves through sweaty training sessions, but also through intense matches that are as intense as men.

When it comes to fighting martial arts in general, perhaps many people will imagine the sweaty bare backs, the punches, the muscular kicks of the male boxers. But in line with gender equality, the importance of women in fighting sports has been increased.

The outstanding female boxers are dedicating intense fights that are no less than the male ones; Not only that, the stories of their efforts have become the inspiration for many girls to overcome family and society’s prejudices to pursue the passion of the ring.

And below, will be the top 5 top female boxers at ONE Championship – the beautiful and talented stars of Asia’s largest mixed martial arts tournament.

1. Stamp Fairtex

Stamp Fairtex was born and raised in Rayong, Thailand. Despite showing her talent at an early age, after 2 years of competition, Nong Stamp was forced to stop playing by her family to focus on her studies. Only at the age of 17, Stamp Fairtex returned to the Muay Thai arena.

With a love for martial arts, Stamp quickly proved his bravery. Right from his school days, Stamp won 80 times in the ring with countless titles before being honored as a World Muay Thai champion.

Not stopping there, the young girl continued to conquer ONE Championship, becoming the first female boxer to win the championship in both the Muay Thai and Kickboxing formats at the largest martial arts tournament in Asia.

Not stopping at Muay Thai – Kickboxing, Stamp Fairtex recently made a successful comeback in the MMA arena when beating Indian rival Asha Roka with a beautiful squeeze in the third round, showing a progression. Ministry very clearly in the war potential. She will continue to confront the original Vietnamese female martial artist Bi Nguyen at ONE: MASTER OF FATE on 8-11.

“The women can completely prove their bravery on the arena of Muay Thai. Hard work and patience are prerequisites, and then the opportunity will come to you too! ”Stamp Fairtex affirmed.