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Israel Adesanya vs Paulo Costa as coach

Not only on the floor, the two hottest fighters of the UFC medium will add a new responsibility: as the trainer of The Ultimate Fighter.

The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) – the popular reality TV show of UFC is expected to return in the near future. That is a confirmation confirmed by President Dana White in a series of recent interviews on Reddit. 

In addition to revealing the return of The Ultimate Fighter, President Dana White did not say anything more about the program that made the audience curious. Who will be the coach of the upcoming TUF season, who will lead the clash of new talents coming to UFC? 

And recently, UFC BLV Joe Rogan has revealed that the face that will lead the two teams to confront in The Ultimate Fighter season is the defending champion Israel Adesanya and the great rival Paulo Costa. 

In The Ultimate Fighter, the boxers will be divided into 2 teams under the guidance of 2 coaches – usually the fighters who are competing at UFC. Living in the same area, fighters will practice and compete to get their official debut at UFC. 

Beginning in 2005, The Ultimate Fighter has produced dozens of fighters and champions for UFC. Training – activities – competitions at TUF also help UFC build natural “dramas” among martial artists – the biggest attraction that TUF brings.  As two face-to-face confrontations in the middle class, the fact that Israel Adesanya and Paulo Costa are coaches at TUF last season will bring a lot of drama to this program. And of course, the audience hopes that the two boxers will end their resentment with a title match, with the reserve matches being their students competing for the UFC contract.