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Why did Mike Tyson propose to move the match with Roy Jones to the end of the year

Mike Tyson’s team is still hoping that one day the US, COVID-19 will be safe again.

Legendary Mike Tyson recently signed a contract with another Boxing legend, Roy Jones Jr in September. However, recently, this match was postponed until November 28. Mike Tyson’s team believes that rescheduling this match will help the event maximize revenue.

As expected, Mike Tyson will face Roy Jones Jr. in a friendly match that did not focus on win-lose and lasted 8 innings. The match is scheduled to be held at Dignity Health Park, California without spectators. Mike Tyson’s team said that resigning the match at the end of the year would give the event a chance to hold a live ticket sale instead of having to fight ‘run’ as originally planned. 

Another problem that happens during negotiation is the competition helmet. The California State Sports Commission (CSAC), which licensed the match, asked two veterans to wear helmets during the match, making this friendly match a “colorful sparring”, At least according to the insiders. 

In addition, the delay of the 3-month schedule has even helped Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. There is more time to prepare. Whether accidentally or intentionally, the new schedule is exactly 12 weeks away from the present – the most ideal time to prepare for a match. This issue also caused the Roy Jones side to question:  “Will Mike Tyson suddenly lose blood and rush to attack so hard to look for KO?”

Mr. Andy Fosster, CEO of CSAC initially said:  “This is not a match where the two are going to try to kill each other. They just go in there, move, and then show the fans to the fans. only statue”. However, if Mike Tyson suddenly “went crazy” like he used to play, Roy Jones could not turn to Foster and say:  “Hey! Do something.” 

For that reason, although this is only a friendly match, the difference in weight rank and other technical risks, both punchers will still have to enter the friendly match with the same posture as the profession.