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Top 5 female boxers at ONE Championship (Part 1)

The mixed martial arts arena may seem too harsh for female boxers, but it is from that harshness that the shadows of the boxers shine even more brightly. They not only prove themselves through sweaty training sessions, but also through intense matches that are as intense as men.

When it comes to fighting martial arts in general, perhaps many people will imagine the sweaty bare backs, the punches, the muscular kicks of the male boxers. But in line with gender equality, the importance of women in fighting sports has been increased.

The outstanding female boxers are dedicating intense fights that are no less than the male ones; Not only that, the stories of their efforts have become the inspiration for many girls to overcome family and society’s prejudices to pursue the passion of the ring.

And below, will be the top 5 top female boxers at ONE Championship – the beautiful and talented stars of Asia’s largest mixed martial arts tournament.

1. Stamp Fairtex

Stamp Fairtex was born and raised in Rayong, Thailand. Despite showing her talent at an early age, after 2 years of competition, Nong Stamp was forced to stop playing by her family to focus on her studies. Only at the age of 17, Stamp Fairtex returned to the Muay Thai arena.

With a love for martial arts, Stamp quickly proved his bravery. Right from his school days, Stamp won 80 times in the ring with countless titles before being honored as a World Muay Thai champion.

Not stopping there, the young girl continued to conquer ONE Championship, becoming the first female boxer to win the championship in both the Muay Thai and Kickboxing formats at the largest martial arts tournament in Asia.

Not stopping at Muay Thai – Kickboxing, Stamp Fairtex recently made a successful comeback in the MMA arena when beating Indian rival Asha Roka with a beautiful squeeze in the third round, showing a progression. Ministry very clearly in the war potential. She will continue to confront the original Vietnamese female martial artist Bi Nguyen at ONE: MASTER OF FATE on 8-11.

“The women can completely prove their bravery on the arena of Muay Thai. Hard work and patience are prerequisites, and then the opportunity will come to you too! ”Stamp Fairtex affirmed.