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Dustin Poirier asked to raise his bid to fight Tony Ferguson at UFC 254

Ready to face “Mr. Koo” Tony Ferguson, however, Dustin Poirier still gives certain requirements for the match to take place at UFC 254.

The matches have been revealed making UFC 254 currently UFC’s biggest Fight Card 2020 event. However, the confrontation between Dustin Poirier and Tony Ferguson – the supposed Co-Main Event match of the event has yet to come to an end.

Both were two boxers who used to hold the Interim Lightweight belt, however, Poirier had an advantage because he had the closest victory over Dan Hooker. Meanwhile, Tony just lost his chance to face Khabib when he lost to TKO Justin Gaethje at UFC 249.

It is for this reason that Dustin Poirier conditions the UFC: to fight Tony, Dustin needs a more reasonable price.

“I’m ready, the point is I need a good compensation if they want to host this match, that’s all. I have a name that has a price and that price must match. ” – He shares.

Dustin Poirier wants a fair amount of money to appear with Tony at UFC 254. In fact, Dustin’s performance is now only two official contenders Khabib and Justin Gaethje. In the last 5 matches, except for the defeat to Khabib, Dustin defeated his opponents convincingly.

Dustin’s peak doubles ability makes the audience believe that he is the right piece for Tony to deliver a quality Co-Main Event.

Dustin and Tony’s double ability to promise a match quality for UFC 254. According to information from ESPN, UFC is considering a side option if Dustin Poirier does not agree to the match with Tony Ferguson at UFC 254.

In the event that Justin Gaethje retires, Tony Ferguson will be the substitute to fight Khabib Nurmagomedov. But if Khabib withdraws, Dustin Poirier will be the one chosen to confront Justin.

Currently, this alternative has received many positive responses. However, the majority of opinions said that if both match Khabib vs. Khabib. Gaethje and Dustin vs. The same Tony could appear at UFC 254 is the best.