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Accepting 25kg of young talent, MMA Nick Maximov still kills strong opponents for 3 innings

The bravery of young martial artist Nick Maximov received a lot of praise from UFC President Dana White.

This morning, November 18, a series of martial arts selection events for UFC – Dana White Contender Series (DWCS) officially ended the fourth season with 5 matches.

In particular, the most special confrontation is probably the heavy battle between the 1997 American born puncher, Nick Maximov and the experienced puncher Oscar Costa.

Entering the heavyweight match, Nick Maximov just went on the radio with a weight of 209lbs (94kg), which is close to the lowest level in this weight class (206lbs). In contrast, Oscar Costa weighed in at 263lbs (119kg), nearly hitting the ceiling with 265lbs of the heavyweight.

Handicap opponents to 25kg, this is probably the most difference in a modern UFC match (since the weight classification law came into existence in 2000).

However, that did not make Maximov falter against Costa, he continuously used the attacks and took advantage of the above to attack during 3 rounds.

Young boxers are not tired of the 25kg distance that uses wrestling owls. Oscar Costa’s massive weight and grumpy body were now a burden to him. Meanwhile, Maximov with the ability to control the arena easily throws the rice at the opponent.

Outstanding winning on all 3 assessment scores (30-26, 30-26, 29-28), Nick Maximov maintained a 6-match winning streak on the professional MMA floor, becoming the name of Dana White President attention.

The overwhelming victory helped Nick Maximov recorded a 6-match winning streak. Unfortunately, the efforts of Nick Maximov have not been able to help the young man get an official contract to play for the UFC. In return, Dana White announced he will get a spot in 2021 selection season – The Ultimate Fighter when the show returns.

In addition to Nick Maximov, the remaining 4 boxers who won at DWCS 36, JP Buys, Gloria de Paula, Tucker Lutz and Victoria Leonardo all won tickets to UFC, closing a successful DWCS season.

Boxing stars

Israel Adesanya vs Paulo Costa as coach

Not only on the floor, the two hottest fighters of the UFC medium will add a new responsibility: as the trainer of The Ultimate Fighter.

The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) – the popular reality TV show of UFC is expected to return in the near future. That is a confirmation confirmed by President Dana White in a series of recent interviews on Reddit. 

In addition to revealing the return of The Ultimate Fighter, President Dana White did not say anything more about the program that made the audience curious. Who will be the coach of the upcoming TUF season, who will lead the clash of new talents coming to UFC? 

And recently, UFC BLV Joe Rogan has revealed that the face that will lead the two teams to confront in The Ultimate Fighter season is the defending champion Israel Adesanya and the great rival Paulo Costa. 

In The Ultimate Fighter, the boxers will be divided into 2 teams under the guidance of 2 coaches – usually the fighters who are competing at UFC. Living in the same area, fighters will practice and compete to get their official debut at UFC. 

Beginning in 2005, The Ultimate Fighter has produced dozens of fighters and champions for UFC. Training – activities – competitions at TUF also help UFC build natural “dramas” among martial artists – the biggest attraction that TUF brings.  As two face-to-face confrontations in the middle class, the fact that Israel Adesanya and Paulo Costa are coaches at TUF last season will bring a lot of drama to this program. And of course, the audience hopes that the two boxers will end their resentment with a title match, with the reserve matches being their students competing for the UFC contract. 

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Is Jorge Masvidal really avoiding the competition with Usman?

Suggesting a rematch with Nate Diaz while probably competing with Kamaru Usman, is there any evasion from Jorge Masvidal?

On the eve of UFC 249 in April, Jorge Masvidal and defending champion Welterweight Kamaru Usman challenged each other to appear at the event. In particular, the Nigerian champion accused Masvidal of not accepting to play despite still online claiming that he is “free-handed” and ready to confront anyone. 

Recently, Masvidal’s suggestion of a rematch with Nate Diaz has made his theory of dodging Usman a reality. Although at the present time, Masvidal is a boxer with achievements, popularity and has built up a gripping story with the champion.

Playing MMA since 2003 with nearly 50 times of the upper stage, only in 2019 did Masvidal’s name really reach the “world” status. Even during the first 7 years of joining UFC, “Gamebred” has not really won any competition. The BMF belt he earned when defeating Nate Diaz at UFC 244 was just a symbolic title. 

Therefore, Masvidal’s act of not promoting a fight with Usman was considered to be a dodge and wanted to cling to the temporary glory of the BMF title. Some even argue that the Miami-based puncher is afraid of losing and losing the position to try to build in 2019. 

“That’s strange. In the history of this sport, I have never seen anyone refuse to compete. The act of running away from that title fight is weird. ” – Leon Edwards, the boxer who is in the top of the belt at Welterweight said. “I know he’s a big name, but does everything say that he wants to be a champion? Therefore, it’s hard for me to understand this.”


Currently, the Welterweight class has the most potential UFC fighters. Besides Jorge Masvidal and Leon Edwards, another emerging name, Gilbert Burns, has just made the list.

Defeating the former King Tyron Woodley at UFC on ESPN 9 over the weekend, Gilbert Burns immediately rose to No. 1 on the Welterweight chart. The absolute overwhelming performance of “Durinho” helped him to win the 6th straight and the first opportunity to compete at UFC right before his eyes.