Tyson Fury revealed the ridiculous amount of money offered by Mike Tyson

Heavyweight WBC champion Tyson Fury revealed why the match between him and the American legend could not be played, even if it was just a performance.

Since the announcement of his re-export to the ring, even with an exhibition bout, Mike Tyson has made the martial arts village curious about his upcoming opponent. From former rival Evander Holyfield to MMA Wanderlei Silva’s “Ax Hammer Assassin”, all are mentioned.

Among them, heavyweight champion WBC Tyson Fury is one of the most prominent names. As an English boxer, owner of the most prestigious boxing ring, Fury is a better choice for Mike Tyson’s return on the ring.

However, this idea was soon suppressed when Tyson Fury revealed he was only receiving ridiculous offers for the match. When the bonus ratio between the two sides is extremely large.

“When Mike Tyson’s men contacted me, he and I had a talk on the phone. It’s true, it’s just impossible to come to an agreement. ” – Tyson Fury confirmed.

“They offered some money to Mike, and came back to offer me a tiny amount. While Mike said to me as if he got 500 million dollars, the numbers on paper are like a joke”. In the end, nothing came out. I was offered $ 10 million by ESPN for a performance match, but that’s all and everyone goes home”.

Besides, Tyson Fury also said that money is not the only reason he refused to take the call with Mike Tyson. What Fury is afraid of is that being able to be “knocked” by an old boxer like Mike will greatly affect the image of a champion still in position.

However, based on information from Tyson Fury, it can be seen that Mike Tyson’s return is in progress. The audience may soon see the scariest punch in heavy history back in the ring in the near future.