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Terence Crawford decided to change his life by eating bullets in the head

Having nearly died of gambling at a young age, Terence “Bud” Crawford was determined to change his lifestyle and become a world champion.

This story took place in 2008 in the city of Omaha, where Crawford lives. He was only 20 years old. His life is quite stable, he has just won the 4th career career. His opponent is an unknown fighter and takes place at a small gym, but most champions have a very normal start.

On that day, Crawford should have been to the gym. But because of his youthful thinking, the American boxer decided to hide and play gambling with a group of friends. After several consecutive winning games, Crawford decided to pick up the money and go home, a very wise decision. However, what happened next became an unforgettable moment for American boxers.

The 9mm bullet fired from the handgun went through the rear window of the car and slipped across the right cheekbone of the fist. The thug that fired Crawford didn’t really mean to shoot him, but pointed a gun at another card player running toward the Crawford.

Although the bullet was not stuck in Crawford’s head, his wound was still very serious and caused heavy bleeding. Field investigators have stated that if the bullet’s trajectory was not deviated by the windshield, it would have been able to pin the puncher’s brain.

Though unable to think clearly, Omaha’s pride drove himself to the hospital and phoned his mother, Deborah and his coach, Brian McIntyre. Terence Crawford recounted a phone call between him and the coach: “Hey, what are you doing, I was shot in the head.”

After 5 hours of minor surgery, the American fist was allowed to leave the hospital. While lying in the waiting room, seeing the people around him bleeding from the violence on the street and possibly losing his life in his hospital bed made the 20-year-old boxer see himself again.

A few months later, Crawford’s son was born. This made his determination to change his life even stronger. Boxing is no longer just a hobby but a ticket for him and his family to have a warm and safer life. On November 8, 2008, Crawford won his fifth career.

It has been nearly 12 years since that near death, Terence Crawford has devoted all his time to Boxing. “Bud” leaderboard is currently 36-0. He owns the Wter weight Welterweight belt together with the Light Welterweight WBC, WBO, WBA, IBF and The Ring belts. The old bullet can be seen as a wake-up call to help Crawford break the habit of gambling, but if he misses a few millimeters, the world has lost a talent.