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Top 5 female boxers at ONE Championship (Part 3)

However, it was the same bloodline that made Rika not really have a happy childhood. As a child, she was often teased by her friends, from insults to pushing, bullying because Ishige has only half of Thai origin. According to the “Tiny Doll”, that is why she came to martial arts.

5. Bi Nguyen

The 29-year-old girl from Vietnam, Bi Nguyen, not only owns a bright face, good-looking, and also has proven herself through many competitions with formidable opponents in the ONE Championship arena. Having just joined ONE since April 2019, Bi Nguyen has participated in three matches, one turn with an experienced MMA fighter – Dwi Ani Retno Wulan, a Southeast Asian boxing champion – Bozhena Antoniyar, a former Queen of the Canopy of India – Pujar Tomar.

In the near future, on November 8, Bi Nguyen will remain in the ring with Stamp Fairtex, who holds the championship belt in both ONE Muay Thai and Kickboxing formats of the ONE Championship. The most special feature of Bi Nguyen is that she is not afraid to challenge herself against strong opponents.

Bi Nguyen has never been afraid to press the field, he was afraid to deploy an offensive game in order to create pressure on the opponent. It is very difficult to find a boxer, especially women, with enough stamina and determination to maintain an offensive posture during 3 rounds like her.

Pressure tolerance and the ability to overcome pressure is also a remarkable factor of Bi Nguyen. The Vietnamese-born girl was once forced into the yard, losing points in the first half of the match against former Indian Canopy King Pujar Tomar.

Being pressured, facing pressure from tens of thousands of home viewers watching directly, the burden on Bi Nguyen’s shoulders is not small at all. But with his bravery, Bi Nguyen still reverses the situation successfully. When Pujar Tomar was able to absorb the blow, Bi Nguyen actively pressed the field in the final seconds of the match before winning by a decision not to agree from the judge.