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Will Deontay Wilder accept Anthony Joshua to give up Tyson Fury?

Whether a replacement money could make Deontay Wilder accept the position of Tyson Fury’s next rival to Deontay Wilder.

Last February, Tyson Fury became the first fighter to knock out the American “Copper Bomb” Deontay Wilder. Thereby, “The Gypsy King” has brought the prestigious WBC Heavyweight belt back to England after nearly 20 years, since the time Lennox Lewis acquired this title in 2001.

Immediately, the world Boxing Village towards the prospect of a match 4 heavy belts “all over England”. When outside the WBC belt at the hands of Tyson Fury, the remaining three noble titles of Heavy Boxing – WBA, WBO and IBF – are in the hands of Anthony Joshua after the victory over Andy Ruiz last December.

Deontay Wilder có chấp nhận nhường bước Anthony Joshua đấu Tyson Fury?

However, this idea is hindered by the rematch contract between Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury. In the event that Fury wins a rematch, Wilder reserves the right to request a second rematch immediately. And not unexpected, the Wilder side was notorious for this proposal immediately after the defeat in February.

Recently, the sources of The Athletic website said that the match between Tyson Fury vs. Anthony Joshua is being discussed to take place in December this year in Saudi Arabia. And for Wilder to agree to wait for Fury to fight Joshua, “The Gypsy King” will have to pay a “step-aside money” to the American punch.

Deontay Wilder có chấp nhận nhường bước Anthony Joshua đấu Tyson Fury?

In response to this information, Fury’s English boss Frank Warren denied that he had offered to make room for Wilder. But Warren also insisted he was looking forward to seeing the Fury vs. Battle. Joshua takes place in the near future.

“I want that match to happen, for the sake of sports and British Boxing. It seems that everyone wants to watch that match and has chosen their own winner. I believe Tyson can defeat Joshua like he did with Wilder” – Frank Warren said.